6 trickiest questions S’porean girlfriends ask that you shouldn’t answer honestly


Last Updated on 2016-05-30 , 7:00 pm

Disclaimer: If it’s not obvious enough, we’ll highlight it now: we’re just trying to be funny. If you’re easily offended or you’re extremely self-righteous online, we suggest that you click away now.

To understand a woman is akin to understanding whether chicken comes first or egg comes first: it’s nearly impossible, even with so many books published about women. Sometimes, the girlfriend will ask questions that will either lead to an argument or a bigger argument. Anyone who has been in a committed relationship will know these questions (through experience and lots and lots of “sorry, dear…”), so for those who have just got into a relationship, here’s a guide for you on the trickiest questions woman ask.

By the way, the solution is not to answer, and the consequences are usually just a milder argument instead of one that comprises screams and slap. It’s a BGR—you’re Mr Right, and she’s Mrs Always Right.

“Last time you not like that one! Why you change liao?”
Even if you think you’ve not changed at all, just remember this: on days when you’re wooing her, she only remembers your strengths and not your weakness. This is such a common question that every guy would have encountered this at least once a month. Just simple and apologise. Don’t argue. Remember: she’s Mrs Always Right.

“Can you see any difference in my hair?”
Just say “yes”. I repeat, just say “yes”. It doesn’t matter whether her hair has changed from black to black, or from short to short. Just say yes. And if she persists and asks you where the change is, just say it’s different. Trust me—if they ask, there’s always a change.

“What do you want to eat?”
If you answer logically, good luck: lunch would be dinner by the time an answer is out. Just bring her somewhere, show her the best pictures in the menu and convince her it’s nice. Never just tell her what you want to eat, because it’s not a question of “what you want”, but a question of “guess what I want”.

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“Can you help me…?”
Whether it’s to fetch a friend or do her work, it’s not a question, but a statement. Say yes first, and decide how to go about rejecting her if you realise you can’t commit. Because to a girlfriend, a straight no = argument (usually beginning with #1 question)

“Why you love me?”
The mother of all questions that pops up every now and then, every boyfriend should prepare a series of answers because if the answer is the same every time, you’ll be scolded. If it’s too overwhelming for you, answer with just one sentence and quickly talk about other things.

“Does your ex-girlfriend…”
If you hear the word “ex-girlfriend”, be on high alert immediately. Those words are like a lighter and everywhere around you is gas—you’ve got to be very, very tender with your answers. Our recommendation? Don’t answer.