6 Types of 90s Ah Lians That Were Just So Cool Back Then

Ah lians are not just one specific group of Chinese girls who are foul-mouthed, loud, and bimbotic. If you’ve paid attention here are actually many different subgroups of ah lians that are relatively unique in their own right.

Young lians
Although rare, young ah lians actually exist! They are the type of ah lians that are only in primary school and are equally as rude and loud as all their older lian counterparts. Makes us wonder whether if they would get any worse as they get older.

Act sat ki lians
These are the ah lians who will try to find fault with anyone or anything, even the drain that they recently fell into. Stare at them too often or for too long and you would find yourself being questioned “kua simi kua” or “diao simi diao” and later, surrounded by a group of angry lians and bengs.

Act cute lians
Not all lians like to look sexy and enjoy flaunting half of their breasts to the world. There are some ah lians who would try to look as cute as they possibly can with their “peace sign” and fist-to-cheek selfies.

Gangster lians
Gangster lians are the real deal ah lians. Compared to these lians, all the other lians are nothing. These ah lians are the ones who are really in gangs and occasionally engage in gang-related activities. If you ever meet an ah lian like that telling you off in public, you’d better run as fast as you can.

Angmoh lians
Angmoh lians are the fake kind of lians who, for some reason, try to be lian but fail miserably at it. They speak English, for the most part, and most of them are from English-speaking families and reputable elite schools in Singapore. Not sure why they would want to look like an ah lian to others but hey, to each his own.

Lao lians
These are the kind of people that the ah lians now would turn into a few decades down the road, provided that they still behave and look the same way as they do now.

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