6 types of students you’ll encounter during recess / lunch break


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:37 pm

Whether you’re in primary school, secondary school or university, whenever you heard the word “recess” or “lunch break”, you’ll almost have an orgasm (okay, a little too strong an imagery, but you get the idea). Other than filling up our stomach with affordable junk food, it’s also the time when gossips are exchanged. But then again, sometimes, we’ll encounter these people that make us go…SIAN.

1. The one who always forget to bring wallet
The first time he forgot his wallet, you lent him $5. The second time he forgot, you lent him another $5. And when you reminded him to bring his wallet before class, he would still borrow $5 from you because his parents forgot to give him money.
But it’s not about his wallet. It’s about the fact that he has never once returned the $5 that has ballooned to at least $50.

2. The one who spends his time wisely…
…by copying homework when everyone else is eating. This, my dear readers, is an efficient use of time. Why burn the midnight oil when you can copy during recess? Usually, they’ll just take your homework, copy and return without thanking you. Because he’s entitled to it as he’s just so damn efficient.

3. The one who is in a relationship
There are many people falling in and out of love in a school or campus, but this one takes the cake. During recess or lunch break, they’ll kiss and feed each other, and their public display of affection is so contagious that some of us cry when we see them.

4. The one who is always bringing his own food
Oh, come on. Firstly, this is Singapore or Malaysia, whereby you should have enough to buy your own lunch. And only kids bring their own food. So unless your parents are chefs, it’s just weird to be eating something that is different…and having to wash the Tupperware after that.

5. The one who sprints to the canteen
Relax lah. No matter how fast you run, the canteen isn’t going to run away. And even if you’re first, so what? There’s always enough for everyone. You might have more choices, but come on: is your sweat worth the extra chicken breast?


6. The one who disappears
You won’t see them, because when the teacher says “it’s recess”, they’ve already disappeared. They’re never around five minutes before and after recess. No, you won’t even see them running off: they’re just, you know, gone.

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