6 useful and easy ways to make your phone battery last longer


Last Updated on 2016-07-05 , 1:34 pm

Our phones are now our lives: we use it to communicate with our friends, we use it to take pictures and we use it to check when the next bus is coming. Without it, we’re literally lost (no Google Maps!); it’s like part of us is gone, and the only solution to have one back with us.

But one problem hits us almost every day: our phone battery running out of juice.

While most of us are aware that we should avoid battery-sucking apps in order to make our battery last longer a day, there are many other ways to do so. Here are the top 6 easy ways that we should all implement so that we won’t need to go home just to charge our phone!

1. Keep your phone cool
If you’ve a habit of keeping your phone in a casing inside a black bag and leaving the bag under the sun, it’s time to change your habit. Like any electronics components, anything hot consumes more battery. Keep it cool and let it breathe—that’s one easy step to stop it from draining so much battery in a day.

2. Use sound instead of vibration for notifications
It might have spread during the days of Nokia, or someone has just passed this misinformation everywhere. Apparently, having the phone ringing uses less power than using the vibration function. After all, talking burns fewer calories than running. So, since you’re most likely leaving the phone on your table, you might as well switch off the vibration function. Unless, of course, you girls are using it for some other purpose.

3. Kill all ongoing apps
Since multitasking capability makes its way into smartphones people all over the world have forgotten to do something regularly: kill the ongoing apps. An easy way is to immediately kill an app once you’ve used it. Leaving multiple apps on sucks your battery life (and your ram, too!) without you knowing it. And because this will make the phone hotter, it is essentially two battery-killers with one lazy step.


4. Dim your screen
Unless you live in a jungle with no lights, there’s absolutely no way you need to use the default backlit setting. Dim it to a brightness that is comfortable and live with it. In fact, even if you switch off the backlit, it is still workable. After all, we all used to live with Game Boy, right?

5. Disable GPS
It’s appalling to know how many people leave their GPS on. While it is for convenience’s sake and some people need it on, having GPS enabled is such a power sucker that some phones can only last for a few hours with it on. Come on, searching for a 4G signal is hard enough; you want to tax your phone more by getting satellite signals?

6. Check that you do not retrieve your emails every 15 minutes
Unless you’re a businessman who will lose $100,000 if you do not reply to an email within 10 minutes upon receiving it, set your email to auto-check every few hours or even every day. If possible, set it to only retrieve when you open the app. Emails are important, but let’s face it: emails are not WhatsApp. And if you set it to auto-check, it is basically logging in to your emails server—can you imagine you going online every fifteen minutes?

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