6 Ways You Can Be Better Prepared For a MRT Breakdown

As Singaporeans, we rely heavily on our public transport systems and especially on our MRT system. However, many Singaporeans have come to terms with the fact that MRT breakdowns are inevitable, especially since certain parts of the line are more than 30 years old.

Rather than just feeling anxious or panicking every time there is an MRT breakdown, here are some practical things you can do to be better prepared to face it. 

1. Access the SMRT Telegram Channel

Thanks to a few proactive MRT users, Singaporeans now have a Telegram channel solely dedicated to bringing you the latest updates on any delays that are happening or will happen. The Telegram channel is called SG MRT Updates and you can find it if you have the Telegram app.

If you don’t have the Telegram app, you can download it right to your phone or desktop. Telegram is a cloud-based messaging system that’s available on multiple platforms and very easy to use.

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2. No Telegram? No Problem

Even without the Telegram app, you can get updates on the MRT Disruption Feed page on Facebook, as well as the SMRT Corporation account on Twitter (@SMRT_Singapore). These channels will keep you informed in real time, whether you’ve boarded the trains or are about to board them.

Additionally, you can use these social media pages to share whatever information you have or are experiencing. This will no doubt help other MRT users to make the right decision.

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3. Learn About Alternative Transport Systems

Now is a good a time as any to get updated on the bus services in your area. One of the best reference points for this is at the Land Transport Authority of Singapore’s MyTransport.sg website.

The website is a pretty comprehensive guide to all form of transport in Singapore, and there are even interactive maps to help you learn which bus you need to take to reach your destination.

Additionally, there are also apps on the website that you can download onto your mobile to assist you in planning your journey, be it by walking, by bus, by taxi or by bike.

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4. Download Ride Sharing Apps

If the train you intend to take breaks down and MRT is no longer an option for your commute, you can always choose to use Grab or Uber services.

These ride sharing apps offer a quick and efficient alternative to taking other forms of public transport as you have the option of choosing the nearest driver and share the ride with other passengers going in the same direction. It’s also great if you’re in a rush or facing an urgent emergency where you’re fighting against time.

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5. Know the Absentee Procedures of Your Workplace or School

Since MRT breakdowns aren’t that rare nowadays, most companies and institutions of learning would have a system whereby you can justify your delay or excuse yourself from classes or work. Of course, most of these systems will require you to show some form of proof that you were delayed by an MRT breakdown.

You’ll need to learn where to go and what forms of proof are accepted in order to have a legitimate release from certain formal obligations.

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6. Spend Time Wisely While Being Stuck

If you’re in an MRT train and just can’t get out, make sure you find something productive to do. For example, if you’re a student you could carry your study materials with you and do some revisions. If you have your smartphone, tablet or laptop, this would be a good time to read and answer emails.

If you’re into crochet, you could take this time to finish that scarf you’ve been working on. Time is precious, and it’s always a wise idea not to waste it staring into space.

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Any of these methods will surely make your MRT breakdown experiences less stressful. Just remember to stay calm and relaxed as everything will work out eventually.

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