6 Ways To Celebrate Chinese New Year If You’re Alone


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:43 pm

If you’re unable to join your family for CNY this year, then…truly, I offer you an internet cookie, a virtual hug, and a minute of silence. Some of you might be used to being overseas over the CNY period, or this might be your first time being away during the festive season. We all know the significance of CNY in our lives. However, there ARE ways to celebrate CNY – even if you’re alone.

Head to places where the CNY vibe’s pumping.
You might want to moodily just stay in bed looking at Youtube videos all day long. Some say that avoiding the CNY mood is the best way to overcome the misery, but that’s not really a solution. Sooner or later you’re going to be reminded of the fact that today IS the first day of CNY, so the best way to feel better is to engage with what you have. Put on your nicest CNY outfit and head out! CNY-eccentric areas, for example, include shopping malls and temples (often packed to the brim with happy-goers and even tourists). They have plenty of CNY activities, CNY decorations, and culturally-appropriate stuff there to get you sussed and contented.

Call your family/extended relatives up.
Because the whole point of CNY is family, after all. Schedule a time to call them, or Skype them to see everyone’s adorable faces. You might feel painful at not being able to be there with them in person, but talking/seeing them in real time – even if done over a laptop – will reassure you that you’re there with them in spirit, and that they’re actually remembering AND thinking about you. Besides, there’s nothing better than seeing your 2 year-old niece slobbering all over the laptop. It’s cute, and you’ll love her to bits.

Play CNY music and watch some CNY-themed movies.
You’ll never admit to blasting 大地回春and dong dongchiangCNY music while you’re having a shower, but there’s no shame in playing some CNY music to get you in a happy CNY mood. Remember all those movies that they used to air on TV during CNY when you were a kid? Well, now’s the time to relive those memories – go and watch a good Jackie Chan movie or something, because everyone knows Jackie Chan kung fu moves are heart-stoppingly good. You’ll have a few good hearty laughs too.

Stuff yourself with CNY food.
Who’s to say you can’t get fat along with your other relatives living 5,000km away during CNY? If you’re living in a place that stocks up good CNY goodies, grab your favourites and snack like you’ve never before. Take selfies, put them up on FB, or whatever. If you have no access to any CNY snacks (sob!), never fear – you can always DIY a steamboat and enjoy authentic CNY cuisine. Try it even if you’re convinced you can’t cook, and you might even impress yourself.

Surely you cannot truly be alone!
There are definitely others who are unable to be with their loved ones during this festive season. Join them, take them in as comrades, and share tales. Invite them to your abode, have a feast with them, drink nice Chinese tea, and be merry.


It’s the mindset…and you can change it.
Truly, we’re all blessed with our families no matter how far away we may be from them. Miss them, but take comfort in the fact that you’ll always have them in your life. For that, you’re fortunate…very fortunate.

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