6 ways that your handwriting can show your personality


Last Updated on 2016-09-04 , 11:30 am

Do you think that handwritings are unable to describe your personality? Well then, think twice. Graphology is the study of handwritings as a means of analyzing personalities, characters, skills and more.

Below are some of the elements in graphology, lets get started!

1. Size
Sizes are one of the aspects that are taken account in Graphology. If your handwriting size is small, this could probably mean that you are shy, withdrawn, studious and very detailed. Well, if your handwriting is big, this could mean that you are an extrovert, outgoing, outspoken and love attention. Hmm, what about average handwriting size you might ask, average handwritings could mean that you are well-adjusted and easy to adapt to environment you’re in.

2. Spacing between words
If you have a narrow spacing between words, you probably don’t like being alone and you could be intrusive at times. If you have wide spacing and gaps between words, you enjoy your freedom and you don’t like to be crowded.

3. Pressure
Pressure given while writing could be heavy or light. If you are someone who gives out heavy pressure on your handwriting, you are serious and have good commitment to things you do. However, if your pressure is excessively heavy (probably heavy enough to break pencil leads?), you tend to be uptight and may respond quickly towards criticisms. Light pressure handwritings means that you are sensitive and could show empathy to people but also a lack of vitality (energy, enthusiasm).

4. Speed
Do you write in a quick speed? If yes then you could be someone who’s impatient and dislike delays or waste of time. If you write in a slow and steady speed, you are organized, methodical and independent.


5. Slantness
Are you someone who writes without slanting? This could mean that you are logical and practical. You don’t allow emotions to take over you, which is a really good thing. If you write slanting towards the left, you tend to be private and would like to keep things to yourself. If you are a right-hander and your writing slants towards left, you may be expressing rebellion or negative emotions. Next, if you write slanting towards the right, you are open new experiences and enjoy meeting new people.

6. Signature
People with a signature that are legible and easily read means that they are confident and comfortable in their own skin. They do not like to pretend to be someone they are not. As for people with signature that are not legible and can’t be read at all, this could mean that they are very private and hard to understand

So what does your handwriting say about you? Are they accurate?

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