6 Ways to buy cheaper handphones you probably have not thought for


Last Updated on 2017-05-28 , 12:10 pm

Unlike the past, handphones today have more pattern than badminton and some of the higher end smartphones are comparable to laptops today. Other than purchasing a new phone at a lower price by re-contracting, do you know of any other way to buy handphones at a cheaper price?

Read on to find out about the 6 ways you can purchase cheaper handphones that you probably have not thought of.

Go to hardwarezone
There are some people who are looking to re-contract with their telcos but not looking to change their phones. According to my knowledge, these people will actually offer to buy phones for you using their contracts and sell it to you at a lower price. So pay a visit to hardwarezone and you might just purchase a brand new phone for as low as $100!

Check with your friends
Because almost everyone has a contract today, your friends will definitely have old phones lying around. If the phones have no sentimental value to them and they just couldn’t bear to sell the $100 plus phone away to the garang guni man for $1, they might be more willing to sell the phone to you for a lower price. Leverage on social media and post on FaceBook asking to buy second hand mobile phones and you might just have offers pouring in. Now, all you have to do is to choose a brand or model that you like.

Online shopping website
Websites like qoo10.sg, lazada, ebay and amazon usually sell empty handsets at a lower price than what you will have to pay for if you buy from shops here. The only drawback is you cannot sign a contract with them so the price of the handsets will definitely be cheaper than the price of a handset without contract here, but way higher than the price of a handset that comes together with a contract.

Another website you can go to is Gumtree if you are looking for secondhand handphones. A marketplace where everyone is trading away used goods, it might be a good avenue for you to get a secondhand handset at a low price.


New promotions will be on Saturday
Okay, even if you are going to re-contract to get a phone, you can get it cheaper if you re-contract on Saturdays. Saturday is the day which new promotions are usually launched in the telecom companies and you might find yourself getting a better deal if you just wait for Saturdays instead of buying just willy nilly.

Buy from Singtel online website
If you are a Singtel user, this might be a viable option for you. Re-contract and purchase your handphone directly from the Singtel website instead of making your way down to the Hello shops. Some of the promotions are better than what is offered in shops and only available on their online platform. I was even told that their website also offer time sales, something like what you would see on qoo10 and other online shopping websites.

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