6 ways to cook Maggie mee into something else


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Nothing at home but a pack of Maggie Mee? Sick of just eating noodles in soup?

Here are some ways to spice up your meal, and turn that pack of Maggie Mee into something so tasty, you might just have a second pack!

Maggie Mee Pancakes

Image: Food.com

This is the true Asian pancake you need to taste. After breaking up the Maggie Mee into smaller sections, boil them and drain all the water out after it’s cooked. Mix your noodles with some veggies, egg, seasoning and flour in a mixing bowl.

Then, simply create pancake looking sizes and shapes with your mix and pan-fry them. Crunchy on the outside, savoury on the inside, this is one heck of a dish that’ll make you hungry AF!

Maggie Mee Fried Chicken

Image: janego.net

This is a deadly food combination that you can’t stop eating after the first try. While Maggie Mee and fried chicken sound unhealthy enough, you can indulge in this little luxury once in a while…or go for a run after that.

All you need are chicken wings/drumsticks/fillets (whatever chicken part is your favourite), marinate them and coat them in egg with broken pieces of Maggie Mee instead of the usual flour or breadcrumb. Go for a thick coat and find yourself crunching big mouthfuls after frying your chicken! KFC, step aside. The latest killer is MFC (Maggie Fried Chicken)!


Maggie Mee Burger

Image: seriouseats.com

There’re two ways to go with this recipe. You can make nice fried Maggie and use them as your patty or hotdog or ham by placing them between the bread, or you can use the Maggie Mee as your bread, as shown in the image above.

Either way, both taste heavenly, almost like Mos Burger’s rice burger, but with more crispness, more taste and definitely more calories.

Maggie Mee Balls

Image: sortedfood.com

Yes, you heard correctly. Not meatballs nor fishballs but Maggie Mee balls. What can be an easier method that only needs oil and Maggie?

Maggie Mee balls are really just deep fried Maggie Mee that are rolled up into balls after they are boiled and seasoned. Go with this recipe when you are just so sick and tired of soup. It tastes like biscuits yet still retains that Maggie Mee “fewlings”.


Cheesy Maggie Mee

Image: getinmymouf.com

The one and only way to cure your depression!

Cheese is undeniably the number one thing to go with your Maggie Mee. The simplest, and laziest, way is to top your normal soup Maggie Mee with a slice of cheese. The melting of the cheese as your slurp your noodles is heaven in your mouth. You can also opt for the mac and cheese version where you place cooked Maggie in a pan and sprinkle as much mozzarella as you like on top and bake it.

Nowadays, you could even find instant noodles that already have cheese in them. Seems like those food companies have heard our cries!

Maggie Mee Omelette

Image: Pinterest

Sick of eating rice? Craving for some eggs? This is the perfect breakfast to provide you your motivation and energy for yet another boring day.

What you really need are just eggs and Maggie Mee, and seasoning. If you want more, go for chopped veggies and meat. Cook the Maggie Mee first, then simply mix the other ingredients and beat up the eggs in a bowl. After seasoning, fry the egg and before the egg is completely cooked, toss the Maggie Mee on top of the egg. End it off by rolling up the egg and there goes your Maggie Mee Omelette. Feel free to go along with some ketchup or chilli sauce, because omelette with those sauces are heavenly!

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