Signs of Innocent Girls: 6 Ways To Know Whether A Girl Is Just Acting Cute Or Is REAL Cute

Many times, men find cute girls attractive mainly because they look innocent, fragile, and harmless, which makes men want to protect and shower them with love.

There are many signs of innocent girls that are just too long to list, and some of them also actively figure out how to be cute.

Some girls know that in order to attract their crushes, they have to behave in a cutesy manner and start acting cute around them.

But how do we differentiate whether a girl is really acting cute or is it that she is genuinely cute?

What Makes a Girl Cute: Voice

Girls who are looking to look cuter typically speak to guys in a higher-pitched voice while speaking normally to their female friends. Being innocent and cute means that sometimes you have to behave a little like a child, such as by talking in a high-pitched voice as kids do.

If you are a guy and you’re being spoken to in a high-pitched voice by a girl and don’t know if she is acting cute or not, you can sneak up behind her while she is talking to her friends to hear how she sounds normally. Chances are, she will be talking in her normal voice to her friends.

What Makes a Girl Cute: Sitting posture

Cute girls often sit in a very demure manner, with their legs crossed or knees side-by-side and their backs straight. To know if someone is acting cute, make sure to pay attention to how they are sitting after a while. After all, it would be tiring to have to sit in a designated way if they aren’t typically used to it.

What Makes a Girl Cute: Eye contact

For some reason, act cute girls tend to stare at people with their eyes wide open when they are speaking to someone. They would sometimes place their faces very close to the face of the person they are talking to in order to look cuter than they are.

It may sound creepy and gross to most people but apparently, this is one of the top aegyo (Korean: acting innocent and cute with a positive connotation) techniques.

What Makes a Girl Cute: Smiling

Many people seem to think that cutesy, quiet, and shy girls don’t have much of an opinion and usually smile a lot in response when meeting new people. That’s why girls who want to act cute would also behave in that manner around acquaintances and strangers but yes, smiling too much can be tiring too.

Try saying something odd or slightly offensive to shock the girl who is acting cute and check out her response. You might catch her breaking out of her cutesy role and roll her eyes or give you a scowl, albeit for a short while.

What Makes a Girl Cute: When stressed

The best way to know someone’s true colours is to throw them in an extremely stressful situation and see how they react. Do that to a girl whom you think may be acting cute and watch her true colours show. She might get flustered, start speaking in a normal voice, lash out at you; basically behaving like a completely different person.

What Makes a Girl Cute: When angry

According to various websites dedicated to the K-Wave, aegyo girls don’t really get angry or upset. They might pout or frown a little when they do but they won’t do anything extreme, like hurl profanities, wave their arms around, or perhaps get physical. When a supposedly cutesy girl starts doing that, yeah, she was probably acting cute this whole time.

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