6 ways to know whether you’re dating a GIRL or a WOMAN

Girl versus woman. One that needs the love and attention from all? And one that needs the love and attention of the right ones? Keep in mind, every woman was once a girl. We all need to fall to learn how to get on our feet.

Girls tend to show all their emotions on their faces but women are always calm and composed. If girls are sad, they cry. If they are angry, they throw tantrums. You won’t know why they are doing that and you don’t know how to resolve it. But women process and control their feelings. They think about the reasons behind what they feel and sit down to explain to you about their unhappiness.

Princess or Queen?
Girls are princesses. They need the care from everyone. They constantly feel the need to be loved more. If they are sick, they will announce to the whole world and make she gets all the well wishes. If they achieve something, they want the whole world to congratulate them. However, women know how much they weigh. They do not need empty praises or fake concerns. A queen knows she’s a queen. She does her duty well and upholds her dignity.

External beauty or inner beauty?
A girl sees only her appearances as her charm. Clear skin, smooth hair and fashionable clothes are all she has time for. A woman knows looks can’t last and her talents, her character and her inner quality are the core of her beauty. That’s what makes her beautiful. That’s what makes her unique.

Every girl clings to her dream of finding the perfect Prince Charming or Dark Knight. They want an easy Taitai life. Every woman knows she can only depend on herself. Independence is crucial to them. She doesn’t need someone to care for her when she’s sick or drive her to work or provide her money. Her independence is her freedom.

Simple enough. Girls can’t cook, wash and clean. But women can tidy up an entire house.

Girls are too young to know exactly what they want in life. Their goals and dreams are short-sighted and impractical. They also don’t fully know themselves well. The kind of person she is? She can’t find an answer to that. Women look beyond getting rich, getting prettier, getting good relationships as their target. They look into themselves and pursue their true interests or deepest ambitions. They also know who they are and what they are made of. Which is why they glow with confidence instead of insecurity.

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