6 ways to reduce the wedding “stress”

Getting married can be a very joyous, exciting but stressful event because basically you get married only once in your lifetime (everyone’s dreams) and you will be so meticulous about every single little detail of the whole wedding that sometimes can lead to panic attacks, quarrels with your husband/wife-to-be or pre-nuptial depression =D  Here are some steps or methods which you can use to reduce the stress of the “process”:

1. Be realistic and work out your budget which you intend to spend on the wedding shoots/ dinner/ photography/ gown rentals etc. Many tend to overspend because they want the best and get into unnecessary debts and the bridal shops also tend to oversell their packages to the customers by providing them with various options like having a table lamp with the pictures on the shade, offering couples to order albums of various sizes (it is not necessary because you don’t give everyone a album for remembrance sake), offering rental of few sets of gowns during the actual day. How long can a wedding take? Most probably 15 hours and imagine the hassle of changing your gowns every few hours (the gowns can be quite heavy)

2. Pick and decide on your venue at least a year in advance. It is always good to have some “contingency” venues in case your preferred choice is not available.

3. Work on the guest list and send wedding invitations to the guests at least 3 months in advance so that they can RSVP accordingly and you won’t have to overbook the number of tables. If possible, customize an e-wedding card so that you can save on the printing costs and disseminate it more quickly.

4. Have your wedding photos taken at least 4 months before the actual wedding so that there is time for you to select your favorite gown or customize it. This will also allow ample time for you to select the pictures which you intend to play it during the dinner to show it to the guests.

5. Do not try “new things” close to the wedding. Sometimes through recommendations, the brides-to-be might decide to try out a new hair salon or beauty centres which can be disastrous as the products which they used might not be suitable, causing brittle, frizzy hair, or worst unsuitable haircuts and skin breakouts. You won’t have the time to “rectify” it.

6. Normally, “sisters” and “brothers” will plan a party a day before the wedding to bid farewell to celebrate the last night of freedom. Do ensure that you don’t drink too much the night before, you wouldn’t want to have a hangover which will dampen your mood on your actual wedding day. During the gate crushing ceremony, do not plan games that are too overboard, you never know that it might cause unpleasantness which will spoil the whole wedding

Good luck to all =D


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