6 Ways To Survive Work Or School Without Sleeping The Night Before


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:53 pm

Fun fact! Some people are born with the hDEC2 gene which allows them to survive on only four to five hours of sleep per day but most of us aren’t that lucky and we often find ourselves having to attend school or go to work without sleep every now and then. Those who have experienced this will know that it is no mean feat to stay awake with zero hours of sleep clocked in the night before.

So how can we possibly survive the next day without chugging down cups and cups of coffee or Red Bull?

Do wake-up exercises
By exercising, you will be able to keep your core body temperature up which in turn, keeps you energised and awake. Do an upper body stretch or some squats in the office (or the toilet if you are shy) and you will realise how much more awake you will be afterwards.

Take a cold shower
If you have a shower room in the office, great! After your usual shower, switch the tap to cold for thirty seconds, then to your usual temperature for thirty seconds, then back to cold for another thirty seconds. Spending this extra one-and-a-half minute in the shower will help you save a lot of time queuing up for coffee at the kopitiam downstairs.

Have energy boosting food
Opt to snack on almonds, yoghurt, or a salad full of green leafy vegetables instead that will provide you with the protein and iron you need to stay bushy tailed and bright-eyed.

Stay away from carbs and sugar
Ever wondered why you are always feeling extra sleepy after lunch? It is because of all the carbohydrates and simple sugars that you consumed on your lunch break. These things makes you sleepier! Sleepy ladies, there is more reason to stay away from these things now.


Switch on all the lights
Did you know that your eyes have specialised light receptors that keep you awake when it is bright out? This is the same reason why you automatically wake up when the sunlight shines into your room.

Take a power nap
There is a reason why your friends and colleagues tell you to take a power nap when you are feeling tired. They really do work! But make sure not to nap for more than thirty minutes, otherwise it will be counter productive.

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