7 Amazing Design Inspirations From Showrooms You Can Do in Your Own Home

Many showroom flats always look gorgeous and sophisticated, but at the same time, commercialised and detached, and they often make us question if it is really comfortable, inviting and functional as a real home. But a gorgeous showroom-like home that is cosy is possible with the right care and attention. Take a peek at our selection of seven showroom-inspired homes that are both stunning and homely.

1. This bright and airy home will appeal to the fresh, dynamic and contemporary couples and families out there. Featuring a unique ceiling-to-floor mirror wall to create and enhance the illusion of larger space, this home keeps it looking modern, spacious and most importantly, stylish.

Interior Designer: Space Define
Location: Ah Hood Road

2. Step home every day into a refined elegance designed for both comfort and aesthetics. With a combination of soft warm lights and classic furnishings, this home will remain in style for years to come and will definitely appeal to the sophisticated couple or family.

Interior Designer: Rob.Wynn Interior Design Studio
Location: Meyer Rise

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3. Designed by Designe Couture, this home pairs darker colours and sharp lines with an overall cream overlay for a bold, simple and modern look. Perfect for hosting classy evening parties or afternoon teas, this home is for the high-flying couple with a taste for the finer things in life.

Interior Designer: Designe Couture
Location: Scotts Square 3

4. Leave your worries aside and rest your body, soul and mind in this cosy and luxurious home. Soft neutral colours, smooth wood surfaces and warm glowing lights work in harmony to make this home a comforting and lush retreat from the bustling distractions of the urban world outside.

Interior Designer: Hall Interiors
Location: The Montana at River Valley

5. Both functionality and style are on point with this home designed by Linear Space Concepts. Featuring unique textures including mosaic tiles and leopard print walls, and a luxuriant-looking colour scheme of rich browns, this stylish home will give other apartments a run for their money.

Interior Designer: Linear Space Concepts
Location: Punggol Walk

6. Avant-garde decorations and furnishings and glossy floorings create a rich and modern space that evokes a sense of understated luxury.

Interior Designer: Architology
Location: Ascentia Sky

7. It’s the details that can make or break a look, and this home pays attention to them well. From the plush carpets and marbled floors to the sleek stainless steel furnishings in the kitchen, this home will not just impress your guests but ensure that you live in well-deserved high comfort every day.

Interior Designer: Habit
Location: Vision

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