7 beautiful Korean makeup trends you must know to look like a Kpop Star

Unless you have been staying inside a cave for years, you would know that K-Pop fever is attacking the world right not. The game is not just that. The domination of Korean fashion, the glossy eyes and the gorgeous skins seem to become a worldwide campaign.

We take notes of some teenage girls whose hearts (and blogs) are about Korean beauty and here’s what’s been trending so far!

-That dewy glowing skinkorea_makeupWe know how much you adore Korean women complexion. Yes, it’s become a trend innovation for makeup products to create air cushion compact. What is that? Basically an easy to use compact powder with the cushion soaked in foundation. Of course, not to forget, the pretty pretty case that makes touch-up sessions, fun and flawless.

-The straight browskorea_makeup2Asian’s brow shapes tend to be straight and not arched. It gives that innocent look and more youthful as well. It’s sweet and not dramatic. You can possess the look by faking it with a touch of perfection!
first, cover your brow ends especially the arch using the glue. Once it is dry out, cover it with concealer and blend it well. Draw the straight brow using pencil.

-Aegyo salkorea_makeup3There is indeed, a term to rejoice the undereye bags! Aegyo sal literally means cute skin. It is used to describe the little puffiness under the eyes that make them appear fuller and rounder. How to:
1. Apply light color concealer or highlight shade right below your lower lashline.
2. start to draw the bag 0.5 cm under the lower lash line.
3. blend both using brush or cotton bud.

-Puppy eyelinerkorea_makeup4For Koreans, cat-eyes is so last year. Puppy eyeliner gives a sophisticated doll-like appearance to the eyes. And it’s sweeter, too!

Just like drawing lines for a cat eye, but puppy line follows the eye slopes downwards.

-Natural makeupkorea_makeup5Have you ever seen a Korean lady overdoing her makeup? No, you won’t. It’s because pretty means simple and natural look. To opt for a glowy skin like an ethereal goddess, highlighter swipes under your cheekbones, under the brows and on the nose bridge will get you exactly the ‘it’ look.

-Orange blusherkorea_makeup6No more pinkish or bronze. Korean style is about an unexpected glow. The incarnation of tangerine, orange blusher gives a sudden flush and a fresher appearance. Sweep high the orange blush on your cheekbones.

-Gradient glossy lipskorean_makeup7An illusion of smaller lips with an ample of cuteness and innocence – gradient lips can be obtained by applying concealer on both lips (you can also use light color foundation). Apply pink gloss at the center of your lip using a lipstick brush and blend it outwards.

Besides these trends, to achieve Korean glowing skin also needs you to have routine beauty rituals like they always do every single day.

Source: allkpop, makeuptutorials, buzzfeed


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