7 Best foods you can find in Singapore Polytechnic


The best thing about food from schools has always been and will always be the price. Compared to food courts in shopping malls, the portions are similar but the prices are way cheaper. That being said, Singapore Polytechnic does offer quite a delicious spread within its campus.

Ayam Penyet

Food 1
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I have eaten way too many bad Ayam Penyets in my day. Honestly, how do you mess up fried chicken? Many Ayam Penyets serve up tough, dry chicken with a chilli so spicy you can’t taste anything else. On the contrary, the ones served in SP are juicy, tender and crisped. Served together with sweet chilli and creamy curry, this Ayam Penyet stall always has a queue at any time of the day. Where: Food Court 2 / Food Court 6 (Temporarily closed) Price: $3.80

Phad Thai

The phad thai offered at Food Court 4 (Koufu) is superb. The chopped peanuts add a great touch and when served with a squeeze of tangy lime will leave you wanting for more. Oh, did I mention the top-notched Tom Yum soup that serves to round off the meal nicely? Where: Food Court 4 / Koufu (Under Renovation) Price: $4

Chicken Rice

Food 2
Image: instagram.com/cheapfoodgps

Chicken rice is hard to get wrong, but it’s even harder to make it memorable. In a land where chicken rice is literally everywhere, this particular chicken rice is one of the best I’ve tried so far. The fragrant rice and amazingly tender chicken, accompanied by zesty chicken rice chilli makes this a treat not to be missed! Where: Food Court 3 Price: $2.50

Western Food

The western food stall at Food Court 6 is well-known to all Singapore Poly students. The quaint, slightly old-looking shop offers extremely palatable food – their chicken chop comes drizzled with a generous serving of rich mushroom sauce, crispy fries and a fried bun. Where: Food Court 6 Price: $3


food 4
Image: instagram.com/cheapfoodgps

A western food joint in T11 Square, Manna offers one of the best mac and cheese ever, and at an extremely cheap price to boot! Students flock to the stall from all over the campus due to it’s centralized location and their set meals, which are definitely value for money – a main, (either fish or chicken), two sides and a drink for only $5! Where: T11 Square Price $5 for set meal

Meatball Soup

One of my personal favourite food from SP is the meatball soup. It’s slightly on the sour side, so not everyone will be a fan of the dish but the handmade meatballs are amazing, bursting with flavour every time you sink your teeth onto one and I, for one, honestly cannot get enough of it. Where: Food Court 6 Price: $3

Chicken Up

The greatest invention of mankind: Korean fried chicken, at least according to me!How can you ever beat crispy fried chicken dipped in sweet, savoury sauce? You’re not considered a true fan of fried chicken until you’ve at least tried this beautiful dish. Besides Chicken Up, Singapore Poly also offers many franchised food joints like Subway, Ya Kun, Starbucks, Yoshinoya, KFC and even Llao Llao. Where: Food Court 3


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