7 Breathtaking Japanese Home-Designs in SG (ie using Muji Furniture) That Makes You Feel Like You’re in Japan

If you walk around in a Muji store, you might’ve fell in love with Muji furniture for its sleek and clean look.

When it comes to compact apartments here in Singapore, it pays to keep things simple as clutter can easily cause one to feel more closed in. If you’re a fan of clean-cut, timeless designs, a good home décor reference point to start with is the Japanese style.

Well-loved for its calming qualities and clever designs, Japanese homes embody a serenity that’s formed by well-planned spaces and minimalistic furniture. And this is how you can achieve the look for your Japan home whether you live in Tampines or Toa Payoh!

Japan House Singapore

MUJI Furniture

1. The space in this home flows freely with an open-concept design, but zones are still cleverly marked out in a subtle and space-efficient way – with Japanese furniture (bought mostly from MUJI).

Low open-back shelves separate the study and entertainment areas in the living room, and also help create more privacy for the sleeping areas in the bedrooms.

Interior designer: Third Avenue Studio
Location: Waterway Woodcress
Cost of renovation: $46,000

2. By white-washing the entire home, keeping decoration to a minimum, and filling it with light-coloured furniture, this HDB apartment hits all the right notes! Pure, airy, and soothing, it is easy on the eyes and immediately puts its occupants into a restful mode every time they step in.

Interior designer: The Association
Location: Tampines Central

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The Zakka Movement

3. If strictly minimalistic interiors come across as a little too austere to you, throw in some friendly touches with Zakka-style accessories! Both charming and quirky, these additions can cosy up to a Japanese-styled space effortlessly.

Interior designer: Zara @ Isoteam
Location: Ang Mo Kio

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4. Family homes can be minimalist too! Decking the home out in low profile furniture not only creates cosier spots to relax in but also brings adults to the child’s eye-level, making him or her feel closer and more involved.


Interior designer: The Minimalist Society
Location: Compassvale Bow
Cost of renovation: $40,000

Minimalism is everything

5. The thin wooden strips that serve both as a space divider and design feature in the common area lends the space a modern zen vibe in the day, and a more luxurious feel at night when it’s lit up. The panels not only allow the dining area to feel cosy and exclusive but also allows more light to pass through the entire home – a “lighter” alternative to solid walls!


Interior designer: Asolidplan
Location: 8 Courtyards
Cost of renovation: $80,000

6. Lend a stylish twist to the commonly white and cream palette of Japanese-style homes with a vividly-coloured feature wall like in this home! The deep Prussian blue contrasts beautifully with the rest of the light-coloured interiors, creating a striking visual treat that adds another dimension to the space.


Interior designer: 82
Location: Rivervale Drive
Cost of renovation: $60,000

7. This landed property takes minimalism to new heights with a wide, tall, and open common stairway that lets the home “breathe” through it. As the heart of the home that allows the different areas to flow seamlessly is also kept unadorned to highlight the beautiful simplicity of its architectural lines.



Architect: EHKA Studio
Location: Lentor Green
Cost of renovation: $500,000

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