7 Dating Tips That Will Save Your Life And Get You A GF / BF


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:43 pm

1. Don’t date someone just because you have nothing better to do.
There are literally ten other things you can do when you have too much free time on your hands. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a boyfriend/girlfriend, but the trouble begins when you get into relationships just “for fun”. That reason is wrong on so many levels and WILL cause problems for you in the future, especially if the person you’re with is taking the relationship seriously. The next time you want to date someone “for fun”, go and do five push-ups instead.

2. Ditch some stereotypes, unless you two are up for it.
It’s nice when the guy offers to pay, but if you two have been dating for ages…then don’t you think it’s a little unfair that the guy has to pay for you every single time? Sure, it really depends what kind of mind set you two have (ie: if you two like adhering to traditional dating values then really, that’s fine) but I’m sure guys would appreciate the fact if their ladies offered to foot the bill once in a while. And even if he’s paying, be thankful and never think about taking advantage of him.

3. Stop freaking out when he doesn’t text back.
Because he probably is having a shower, driving, eating, working, or doing something else that he does in the day. Before your mind jumps to some terrible conclusions, calm down and give your partner some time to respond. More often than not he’s probably just busy. Also, there’s really no need to send 20 texts and 16 missed calls in the span of thirty minutes. Life does get busy and trying for everyone.

4. Don’t play the game.
Because it will be quite painful for everyone standing from the side lines to witness the awkward dance you’re trying to do with the person you like. If you’re not picking up all of his calls and ignoring every single text he’s sent to you for weeks AND then you proceed to launch into feverish “I miss you”s , he’s going to be very confused.  Or if you claim to like him, then don’t go all out to flirt with every single male you see. Keep things simple, and keep your goals clear. Remember who you’re going after and don’t complicate the story.

5. Calm down – you’re dating, not interviewing for a job!
So maybe you laughed a little too loudly and snorted by accident when the stories got too funny. Or maybe you let slip something a little embarrassing about yourself – something you never meant to do. Weeeell, calm down and don’t freak out too much about it. More often than not, your date will find it endearing and amusing – not to mention it shows off your fun-loving side (I’m assuming you have one). Don’t overthink. Don’t over-analyse. Enjoy yourself.

6. Be open about your partner’s quirks.
Instead of picking your partner’s faults out with a fine-toothed comb, accept them as unique quirks and learn to love them. After all, being with someone means accepting everything about them – including their quirks and some of the things which you may find to be less-than-pleasing (although you should have serious talks with your partner if it’s a big problem). But to be honest, if you have 100 problems and 99 of them are about your partner, then there are some serious things to think about. Maybe you’ve been dating the wrong person.


7. Try not to worry about your looks too much.
Ladies, ladies, ladies. I know, you know, we all know. This dilemma is universal, but we could save ourselves some stress if we stopped worrying about how we looked all the time. Our partners should be finding us aesthetically pleasing no matter how much effort we’ve put into dressing up (so long as you’re not being unhygienic), and therefore as long as we’re neat and tidy we should all be happy with the way we look. And oh, btw, asking him about whether the dress makes you look fat is also quite an unfair question – so do try to avoid it!

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