7 Food that will turn poisonous if you reheat them

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When your mum cooked too much for dinner and you all realised that there’s too much food, what do you do with the leftovers? Well, most families, I believe, will tend to keep the food in the fridge and heat them up in the microwave for the next day, am I right?

After all, throwing so much food away is such a waste. But if your family is into keeping food for the next day, here are 7 food that should never, ever be kept for the next day because doing so might lead to more harm in the long run.

Spinach should never ever be reheated because they contain nitrates which will change into nitrites when reheated and turn spinach carcinogenic for our bodies.

Celery and carrots
Just like spinach, celery contains nitrates as well. If your family uses celery in soups, remove the celery and carrots before you warm the soup up or the entire dish turns carcinogenic for your bodies.

Similar to the two food above, beets contain nitrates as well and is extremely harmful and destructive for our bodies if reheated.

Usually healthy for our bodies, should you reheat potatoes to eat the next day, you’d find potatoes to be harmful to your body instead of being useful because their dietary and health benefits are lost.

Eggs are a wondrous source of protein for our bodies, but if reheated and consumed, it might just prove exceptionally lethal to you instead.

Fill with plenty of protein, this same protein present in the chicken undergoes a change in structure when eaten the following day and we do not advise you doing so. Try to finish the whole chicken the same day it’s cooked, and if there are leftovers, consider throwing them away instead of keeping the leftovers.

One of the most lethal food to reheat and consume, mushrooms might just cause heart or digestive problems if you insist on keeping the leftovers to consume the next day. So, as a final note, we’d advise you not to keep too many leftovers.

Work out how much exactly you will need for dinner and in this case, more is not better because, well, keeping them for later might just result in even more disastrous consequences than you can imagine.

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(Info source: healthylifetricks.com)

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