7 foods that you shouldn’t leave overnight

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Many of us have eaten leftover food the next day before, haven’t we? After all, we’re taught since young not to waste food (remember, don’t leave rice grains or your future wife will have pimples) and we can’t bear to throw perfectly edible food away into the bin, so why not just wrap them with cling wrap and throw into the fridge and eat the next day.

Well, if you, like us, have this habit of eating leftover food the next day, here are 7 food items that you shouldn’t leave overnight because they might just cause you to get food poisoning.



leftover 1
Image: healthyliving.natureloc.com

When you leave your tea to sit overnight, the vitamins within the tea will disappear and the nutrients within the tea would have mutated into toxic compound that’s harmful to your body. So pour that cup of perfectly good tea away and wash up the cup.

Half-cooked eggs

leftover 2
Image: YouTUbe (runnyrunny999)

Okay, this is a trickier food item. Eggs can be eaten as leftover, but only if they’re thoroughly cooked, with no see-through egg whites and fully cooked yolk. If the egg isn’t fully cooked, the nutrients will turn into bacteria overnight and cause bloating.

Green Leafy Vegetables

leftover 3
Image: thescienceofeating.com

Green ‘leafy’ vegetables contain a high amount of nitrates within them, but overnight, these nitrates which were previously beneficial to our body will turn toxic, and even applying heat, which is known to kill bacteria and harmful agents, will not be able to get rid of these toxic compounds.


leftover 4
Image: thecountrybasket.com

While boiling is said to kill some bacteria, there’re other types of bacteria that release spores that can survive extreme heat. When the temperature of the soup goes below 55 degree Celsius, the spores germinate and multiply quickly.

Wood Ear

leftover 5
Image: kimchimari.com

Wood Ear is high in nitrates and extremely nutritious, but when you leave it to stand for some time, reaction with the bacteria present would cause the nitrates to turn toxic, and when ingested the next day, might just enter your blood and adversely affect your red blood cells.

Stale water

leftover 6
Image: picterest.info

If you’ve drunk from the cup the night before, it’s best to just throw the water away because bacteria from your saliva has entered the drink and multiply ferociously through the night. And when you drink the water, everything goes into your body.


leftover 7
Image: mohanseafood.com

When left overnight, the protein in seafood will turn toxic and when ingested, might just harm your liver and kidney functions.


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This article was first published on Goodyfeed.com