7 habits of influencers that we really buay tahan!


Last Updated on 2016-05-20 , 10:55 am

With the advent of internet and blogging, specifically after Mr Brown and many other notable bloggers like Xiaxue, there have been the rise of many influencers around Singapore – politics, fashion or life in general. These people can be bloggers, DJs, bosses, you name it.

Influencers are trend-setters and can influence the opinions and behavior of many. They set a certain direction for people to follow or criticize, gaining thousands of followers online. Here are their habits that even us followers want to say “Stahp please just stahp!”

They take to social media to air their grievances
This is the most common. Many influencers have been known to do this – calling someone out for something they didn’t like. Whatever happened to “Don’t hang your dirty laundry out to dry”?

One size fits all mentality
Not many influencers do this but some still do. While setting trends and changing people’s opinions, they tend to focus only on one group of people – maybe even neglecting the other groups of people. Where’s the equality in that?

They can be keyboard warriors
Or video warriors whatever. They take to social media not only to air grievances but also to attack other people. They can also make use of social media to force upon their opinions which are mostly better kept ~private~.

They don’t sound genuine about the brand they represent
Influencers on social media often get sponsorships and paid advertorials. When they post a paid ad, it doesn’t sound like themselves or that they believe in the product they represent. How then are we supposed to believe in them and the product?

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They can be ruthless
Name-calling, bad-mouthing, you name it. This was observed to be done even by politicians during the rally where they put other groups down. As influencers, they should not be promoting such behavior, no? To get people on their side, they should be the bigger persons – not people who hit on others’ insecurities.

They make a fool of themselves to attract attention
It can get annoying after a while, and many of us will start wondering why we are even following these influencers. Especially in public, conduct is very important. People like influencers who are more natural at influencing, not those who try too hard.

They appear only when necessary
And disappear when they are not needed. Influencing people is a 24 hour job. Don’t do good deeds only when you are in the limelight. Set a good example for your followers and you will be a good influencer.