7 lifesaving things men should do when their girlfriend / wife is having her period


Men just don’t get it: every month, for about five days, girls would go all bloodshit and guys would go all apeshit. Hormones go haywire, girls got irritated easily and guys got annoyed. Toilet breaks become longer and sex became nonexistent.

Now, calm down. These five days don’t have to be the worst days of the month. The girls would feel bad, but as long as the guys do these things, these five days could be just be yet another typical five days. Now, what should the man do?

1. Buy chocolate for your girl
We’ve a list of food that girl should consume when they’re having their period, but if you just have time to buy one food, or just enough to buy something affordable, make chocolate your choice. Other than being scientifically proven to improve a person’s mood, chocolate looks romantic, too. It’s all in the mind, right?

2. Exercise with your girl
Old wives’ tales about a girl not being able to exercise when they’re having their period should be banned in this Internet age. When your girl is having her period, a run can not only ease her pain, but also make her feel better emotionally. Now, if it’s something that can make her feel better, shouldn’t you be doing it with her?

3. Don’t debate about things with your girl, whether serious or not
Unless you intend to propose to her or you’ve seen a new HDB BTO that you’ve been eyeing for years, don’t debate or make important decisions together during this period. Her decisions might be clouded by her hormones, and waiting for another few days to ask her about your future for the rest of your life isn’t going kill.

4. Do things for your girl
If she has been the one washing dishes, take the opportunity to wash it during that five days. Think about it: five days (and she’ll be so damn happy) in exchange for twenty-five days. Worth it, right? We hope no feminist is reading this, though…-_-

5. Don’t force your girl to go out if she doesn’t feel like doing so
During this period, it’s bloody messy and troublesome. Sometimes, they just want to spend the entire day lying in bed. Respect that. If not, just make sure there’re enough pads or tampons for her. Little actions like these show how much she means to you.

6. Keep your temper in check
If your girl gets irritated at the slightest thing these five days, remember this: It’s not her. It’s her hormones. And it’s just for five days. Don’t take it personally. Keep your cool because you love her, not her hormones.


7. Have sex with your girl…if you are up to it
Some women, during these five days, just have desire beyond what you can imagine. It’s like they’ve not touched a man for years. Just go Google for ways to go about doing it, and keep it as hygienic as possible, if not your white bed sheet is going to turn red. And keep that protection on.

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