7 Most IG-Worthy Food in ‘Let’s Go Jalan Jalan’, a Hip Pasar Malam from 16 to 18 Nov

Image: COCOLOCO & Lemonster


Let’s Go Jalan Jalan is a live music, entertainment and food festival. Featuring more than 130 food and merchandise stalls, live music and entertainment performances by local talent, they are upping the ante by bringing in a Go Kart track and live horses. The festival also promises lots of photo opportunities for Instagrammers!

Taking place between 16 – 18 November at the Singapore Turf Club, Carpark B at Kranji, they are open on Friday from 5pm – 11pm and from 11am – 11pm on Saturday and Sunday.

let's go jalan jalan 2018
Image Source: Let’s Go Jalan Jalan

The festival is a trip down memory lane and celebrates the unique heritage of Singapore. This can be reflected in the food, where traditional dishes melds with modern gastronomy to create uniquely Singaporean dishes that are both nostalgic with a delicious modern twist.

Here is a sampling of the dishes you can expect to find at this rambunctious, reminiscent festival.


let's go jalan jalan: COCOLOCO
Image Source: COCOLOCO

One of the best things to beat the humidity and heat in Singapore than a cold, fresh, thirst-quenching coconut. Sold by COCOLOCO they serve only fresh, organic and nonsense free coconut products. But if you want something more decadent and refreshing, their signature coconut soft serve is sure to hit the spot.

2) Lemonster

let's go jalan jalan 2018: lemonster
Image Source: Lemonster

If coconuts aren’t your thing, then perhaps a local favourite, an Ice Kachang-esque rainbow ice drink from Lemonster that you may have spotted at the Geylang Serai Bazaar might just be what you need. A fruity drink topped with flavoured shaved ice, Lemonster’s peach perfect is a drink to beat the heat.

3) The Slurp Shack

Let's Go Jalan Jalan: The Slurp Shack
Image Source: The Slurp Shack

A warm brown crust with a pillowy interior – Mantous are already great on their own. What takes them to the next level however, is a tangy, spicy chilli crab sauce. A match made in heaven? We certainly think so. The Slurp Shack however is definitely not a one trick pony. For example, have you heard of a dessert mantou before? They have an intriguing ice cream mantou called the “Muddy Mantoast” and “Fruitty Nutty”, as well as popcorn chicken served with either a chilli crab sauce or a nacho cheese sauce.


let's go jalan jalan 2018: Loco Loco
Image Source: LOCO LOCO

Not to be confused with the aforementioned COCOLOCO, LOCO LOCO takes this quintessential Spanish snack and puts a Singaporean twist on it with flavours such as Salted Egg Yolk, Chilli Crab, Ondeh Ondeh and Oreo Churros. While purists might turn up their nose at these, there is no reason for you to not enjoy these uniquely local flavours.


5) The Bulb Station

let's go jalan jalan 2018: the bulb station
Image Source: The Bulb Station

Light bulb drinks were a food trend that saw some popularity in Taiwan and Singapore a couple of years ago. The Bulb Station prepares their drinks fresh every day and serves them in a beautiful drink bulb. Reminiscent of a potion you’d get from an alchemist in a video game with flavours such as “Fruity Rainbow”, “Thai Milk Tea” and “Zesty Grape”, they do taste as magical as they look.

6) The Swag Social

Let's Go Jalan Jalan 2018: The Swag Social
Image Source: The Swag Social

Anyone who has enjoyed the Yakiniku Ribeye Don with a velvety egg by The Swag Social will know the sheer bliss of its taste and texture. They also have dishes such Salmon Mentai and Teriyaki Chicken Cubes, of which meat lovers will find themselves drawn to.

7) The Daily Menu Co

Let's Go Jalan Jalan 2018: The Daily Menu Co
Image Source: The Daily Menu Co

The Daily Menu Co‘s specialty is the humble potato which they elevate into something special. Offering chilli crab, mentaiko, truffle and salted egg fries – all are rich in flavour and unique personality.

So what will you try?

There are obviously a lot more food and what we’ve shown here is the tip of the iceberg. So keep an eye on their Facebook for more information and sneak previews of the entertainment and food. For more information, we checked out last year’s festival and found it to be good, tasty, nostalgic fun that is worth your time for sure.

Let’s Go Jalan Jalan 2018

16 November (Friday): 5 – 11 pm
17 & 18 November (Saturday & Sunday): 11 am – 11 pm
Venue: Singapore Turf Club, Carpark B

More info here.

This article originally appeared on BeScene SG.


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