7 popular cars we used to see in Singapore but are now “endangered” or “extinct”

When you’re free, do a little experiment: record the brands of cars that pass by a road.

Well, since you’re not free, here are some statistics for you to visually imagine that scene: the top selling brand in Singapore for the whole of 2013 is Mercedes-Benz.

Second is BMW. With prices of COE at a ridiculous rate, it will be no surprise that we see more Mercedes-Benz than Toyota on our streets.

Also, the influx of Korean brands like Kia and Hyundai has completely changed Singapore roads. But many years ago, it was so different. We would have at least parked beside one of these days in a day:

Toyota Corolla Altis


It’s supposed to be one that is reliable; so reliable that in a commercial, a person refuses to help someone with a broken-down Toyota, because he believes that Toyota never breaks down. Now, when you see an Altis, you can’t even tell whether it’s an Altis or a Vios. You just know it’s a Toyota.

Toyota Vios


It’s also known as the younger brother of Altis. Together with its big brother, they spray our roads with the Toyota badges. Vios is the cheaper version and better fuel consumption, and was usually the car for learners. Oh, by the way, you want to know the age of a person? Just see how he or she pronounces Vios. Old birds like me know how to pronounce it the right way. Young birds usually struggle with the word.

Honda Jazz / Fit


If you want a hatchback, you don’t need to think much: you just get a Jazz or a Fit. Small on the outside and big on the inside, it’s the to-go car if you want to be sporty yet don’t want to spend an arm and leg for one.

Kia Picanto


Used to be one of the cheapest cars in Singapore before Chery QQ, this small nimbly car gets the job done without compromise.  The small size and cute external also contribute to its attractiveness.

Get a red plate one at the correct time and you may just need to fork out less than $25,000 for it. I know it’s a lot of money to people from other countries, but in Singapore, that price now can only buy you 1/4 of the cheapest car in the market.

Land Rover Defender


It’s called defender, but come on: we only know defenders like John Terry, Ashley Cole and Rio Ferdinand , so we should fondly call it Land Rover. And not kidding to new NSFs. Last time we Landrover, okay? Now we Ford. And we love Ford because got air-con.

Nissan Sunny



Rumour has it that it “drink petrol like drink water”. But still, it was everywhere then. Now, when you see one, you tend to wonder what that brand that logo is. It’s Nissan, boys and girls. And if it looks like this, it’s Sunny, boys and girls.

COE Cars like Starlet, Honda Civic…etc


Sometimes, they could be found in sgcartmart.com for less than $5,000. The idea is to drive for one or two years and scrap it. But now, you can’t find even one of them on our roads.

Eh, no, correction: You will still find them, but the plate won’t start with S. They usually start with J, M or W…


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