7 reasons why independent women are attractive


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:43 pm

A lot of men imagine “independent” women to be hard-core feminists who would much rather stay single than to be with a man – the mystical, unapproachable, confident being who doesn’t mind strutting down the streets alone doing her own thing. Do independent ladies exist (of course they do)? How do you know if the lady you’re interested in taking out is one of them? And, most importantly, why should you think about dating them?

1. She utilizes her strengths and isn’t afraid to admit her weaknesses.
Be it her work, yoga, sports, cooking, public speaking or music – if she’s good at something, she will show you how much she enjoys and benefits from it. She’ll happily show you what she loves and will, most importantly, be proud of it. She won’t shy away even if it’s something a little unusual! However, that doesn’t mean she’s a solid slab of rock who don’t need no man – she has her lows; days where she doesn’t feel so great (just like everyone else). She won’t hide her fear and sadness – instead, she’ll embrace them and work to improve herself from there.

2. She won’t pressure you to conform to stereotypical dating norms.
This lady breathes and lives flexibility (and I’m not just talking about the things she can do in bed, so get your dirty head outta the gutter). While she won’t mind traditional dating habits, it doesn’t mean she’d be opposed to trying out new ones. You won’t feel pressured to be the one doing the planning all the time – she wouldn’t mind taking turns in doing the planning, nor would she mind footing the bill every so often.

3. She will love you, but she won’t be clingy or overly dependent on you.
She’ll love you and she’ll want you to show your love for her – that’s only natural. But don’t forget, the independent lady knows how to spend time alone and understands that you (like her), have a life outside the relationship. She’ll know how to occupy herself when you’re out with your pals, or when your parents are visiting. She won’t get weepy or enter into a panic frenzy just because you replied to her message several hours later, especially if she knows that you’re busy. She will want emotional support from you (as you would want some from her), but she won’t latch onto you like a leech and suck the soul out of you. In other words, dating the independent lady is less exhausting. They have a life outside of you and won’t obsess over you 24/7.

4. She isn’t afraid to dream big, and she WILL inspire you.
The independent lady can enter moments of overdrive – she will have amazing, grand plans of achieving incredible goals. She won’t be dreaming emptily either as she’ll work hard for them. Her dreams might involve traveling alone to see the world, achieving an important milestone in life, or it may be something as simple as striving to improve herself. The longer you stay by her side, the more you will be inspired by her efforts. She’ll truly dazzle you with her adventurous nature and her ability to work well under pressure.

5. She will shower you with love.
Because the independent lady is so passionate about her life, she’ll be passionate about you, too. While her ways might be unconventional, she won’t hesitate to shower you with notes, gifts, and actions that show her affection for you.


6. She will continue to improve herself.
Ever seen a stagnating pool of water filled to the brim with larvae? Yeah, the independent lady isn’t like that. She’s more like a stream that flows out to the ocean; always changing and interesting to be with. Whether it’s a new interest or a new driving stunt she wants to pull off, the independent lady refuses to let herself stagnate. She’s self-driven and knows how to motivate herself.

7. She’s confident and fun to be with – the independent lady won’t just be your girlfriend, she’ll be your best friend to boot.
Her adventurous and confident nature promises lots of fun times ahead. The key is to remain an open mind when it comes to dating an independent lady! It will be worth your time and effort, most definitely. Don’t shun a lady away just because they’re too “friendly”, they’ll be the best partners you can ever have.

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