7 Reasons Why You Should Date a Law Student


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:42 pm

We won’t know how to dissect a guinea pig properly, that’s for sure, but we can blow your mind…in more ways than one. #wink

1. We won’t scream or rage at you like a five-year-old would.
Temper tantrums are lame and out of date. Law students know that. They’ll use fancy words that they’ve picked up from years and years of Law-questing instead. Don’t be surprised if they say things like, “it’s UNREASONABLE for you to do this to me” OR “You’re soooo inequitable”. Eventually, you’ll start picking up a thing or two AND then you can start beating others in arguments in true sophisticated, Law-student-fashion.

2. We can help you in most things.
Legit. Law students may not be qualified in the way a doctor or a dentist would be, but they’ve been trained to read, understand, and do all sorts of research on the glob-like, confusing creature called law. Malpractice?Negligence? Trespass? Feel that you’re screwed, unjustly treated, or had someone being a plain ass to you? Whatever kind of sad situation you’ve got into, the law student you’re dating can help you take the first step forward in this big, scary world. And even if they can’t, they probably know some others who could.
Disclaimer – law students are not authorized to provide legal consultations. What they can do, however, is provide legal information. See the difference?

3. We know how to dress well when we need to.
The law student you date may be a fast food junkie who huddles up in the blankets watching Korean drama reruns every weekend, but they know how to tidy up and look classy as hell when need be. So if your jaw drops when you’re seeing them for a date, don’t get too surprised – they’re trained to provide first good impressions for a client, so why wouldn’t they do the same for their significant other?

4. We won’t take up too much of your time.
Law students are incredibly busy. If you’re one of them busy people too, then don’t worry about not being able to provide your law student girlfriend/boyfriend enough attention as they’re most likely just as clogged up with work as you are. While you’re busy with your work, they’re busy trying to figure out what some crappy judge has said. They’ll get dark eye bags and be incredibly cranky while in the throes of work, but see #3. At any rate, they won’t suffocate you with our love as we’ll be having about a million other things on their mind.

5. We have contacts.
Not, like, Facebook contacts – we’re talking real contacts that can help you out in the world, folks. Because Law students all do the networking thing one way or another, they’re bound to meet a lot of people and make lots of connections. Even if you’re not interested in dating a law student, at least keep that law student as you FRIEND. You’ll need them in the future whether you’re thinking about buying a house or getting a divorce (touch wood), trust me.


6. We get very passionate about what we’re doing – and oh, we’re not fussy.
If you hear your girlfriend/boyfriend who does Law swoon about some weird Latin words and judges who make no sense to you, do your best to embrace it. Chances are Law is a huge part of their world, something they do that they’re absolutely proud of. Talk nerdy to them and chances are they’ll be happy with even the most low-key dates, which means you can save up on some $$$ while they ramble on about mens rea (shh…it’s just Latin.  No one else in the world really cares about what it means, really). Since law students are always studying and chilling in the library, they’ll be happy to do literally ANYTHING else with you – even if it’s just remaining in doors for a quiet night, watching a movie.

7. We’ll be very sensitive to your needs.
Law students can be jackasses, but they’re nice jackasses (the greatest oxymoron that ever existed). On one hand, they would like to know that they’re better than everyone else. On the other hand, they have a real self-esteem problem where they feel like they’re worse than everyone else. All this translates to (no, not psychopathy!) sensitivity, in which they understand the struggles your inner psyche faces. They’ll be extra kind and caring to you when you’re in a tough spot. It’s called…wait for it…empathy.

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