7 scientific and natural “secrets” to have young and radiant skin without pills or surgery

As one reaches, he or she will certainly look at one thing: collagen. To someone below 25, that word is so alien that they thought it’s merely some supplement for the bone.

It’s inevitable to grow old, and there’s no way to turn the clock the other direction to make things right again, but there’re actually many ways to freeze time on your looks yet still getting the life experience. Without expensive collagen.

So, what are they? Lo and behold!

1. Eat more carrots and tomatoes
Something in these produces natural collagen, but that’s just one of the benefits. Both carrots and tomatoes also contain betacarotene—and since this is not going to be a science journal, let’s just say that it has anti-aging properties and it’s safe to consume as much as you want.

2. Drink two large cups of water every morning, and at least ten cups per day
Keeping yourself hydrated ensure that your organs are functioning normally. Now, since our skin is the largest organ in our body, you can expect it to require lots of water. So, if you’re often thirsty, your skin will be, too, and you’ll look forty even if you’re just twenty.

3. Massage your face every night
No kidding, man. Massaging your face will encourage your skin to produce more natural collagen, and therefore giving it a younger and more radiant look. Also, it stimulates the lymph grands that make your skin even clearer and tighter. So what are you waiting for? Massage them now!

4. Exercising at least four times a week
We all know that, but we all just don’t do that, don’t we? The reason is that exercising promotes good blood flow, and therefore our skin will look radiant with more nutrients. Of course you can always give the excuse that sweating isn’t good for the skin, but hey, you’ve just admitted that it’s an excuse!

5. Quit smoking
Of course it’s easier said than done, but this is pretty obvious. The science behind it, other than the smoke itself on the skin, is that smoking will also slow or weaken the growth of natural collagen in the body. Ouch.

6. Avoid as much sunlight as possible
Looking tan and fit, and think you look young? Sorry to burst your bubble: a tanned skin means the skin is slightly damaged, and the consequence is that it breaks down the collagen in your body. In other words…double ouch.

7. Be as stress-free as possible
We all know what stress could do to us. Need us to provide you with scientific evidence? Or maybe you can just see it yourself?


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