What Does Companionship Mean? Is Your Relationship For Love Or Just For Companionship?

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Are you in a relationship for love, or are you in a relationship because you want companionship? Now, before you get all defensive and snap, hear us out. If you’re wondering what companionship means, it essentially refers to you getting together with your partner because you’re afraid of being lonely instead of for love.

Are you someone like that, or you’re actually in it playing for keeps? Here are seven signs that show that you’re in a relationship just for the companionship and you don’t really love your partner.

When You Think About The Future, You Only See One Ending

And that’s “breaking up“. You just can’t see a future together with your partner, no matter how hard you try to stretch your imagination. It’s not because the relationship just started or you think you’re still young, it’s just that you don’t love him, you just love his company. Same-same but different, no?

Nowadays, The Only Communication Between You And Your Partner Is Screaming, Passive-Aggressive Statements, And Snide Comments

If you experience this, it’s either the love has fallen out of the relationship, or it never existed at all in the first place. The only reason you’re holding on is that you hate the thought of being single again.

You Don’t Enjoy The Sex

It doesn’t matter to you whether he enjoyed himself, or if you’ve made him happy. You just want him for his companionship, doing the other stuff is to make sure he never leaves you before you’re happy.

When Going On Vacation Or Dates, The Only Thing You’re Looking Forward To Is Him Paying For You

It’s not as bad as being a gold digger, but you’re being awfully close. You got into a relationship together with him for all the wrong reasons – to reap some benefits from him.

You Don’t Know Why You Love Him

In the past, he’ll ask you why you chose him. You’d smile shyly and say, “I don’t know. That’s the best kind of love, isn’t it? If I can explain why I love you, then it won’t be true love anymore, right?” He might be confused but mollified because you said love three times in the reply, but the truth is, you don’t love him, that’s why you don’t know what to say.

You Got Together With Him For Bragging Rights

Yeah, the entire reason why you get together with him is because you wanted to show the other girls out there that you’re so much better and managed to bag such a great guy. It has nothing to do with you wanting to be with the great guy because you love him. So in this case, companionship means what it means.

You’re Interested In Another Guy

Companionship vs Relationship. There’s a big difference, and no, you’re not confused. You’re currently in a relationship just for his company. Once the party you’re really interested in reciprocates your affections, you’ll jump ship the moment you can and leave this current boyfriend to his own devices. #TrueStory

So, if you feel that you exhibit the seven signs mentioned above, it might be time to rethink your current relationship, because at the end of the day, the both of you will be hurt. Badly.

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