7 Stunning Home Designs So Chio It’ll Make Her Marry You Immediately

What’s a queen without a king? Still a queen. If men have their bachelor pads, strong, independent ladies can definitely have their own place to chill out. If you’re a single superwoman searching for the perfect look to your personal sanctuary, these 7 fabulous homes will put the ‘F’ in femininity.

1. A Queen’s Abode

Plush velvet seating, gold trimmings and elegant décor are must-haves for re-creating a luxe boutique atmosphere right at home. After a long day at work, retreating to a regal space will leave you feeling pampered and spoilt! 

Interior Designer: Voila
Location: Twin Waterfalls
Cost of Renovation: $50,000

2. Power Play

Here’s one for the organised businesswoman who’s got everything together. Grids and geometric lines instil a no-nonsense order that reflects your can-do attitude. This monochromatic interior also features the stuff of every girl’s dreams — a classy walk-in wardrobe replete with an assortment of handbags and jewellery!

Interior Designer: Fuse Concept
Location: River Valley
Cost of Renovation: $140,000

3. Ritzy Glamour

Live up to those dreams of a suite life! Kick back with a glass of wine and unwind in an elegant fashion with sophisticated pieces in beige and black. From upholstered sofas and headboards, polished mirrors to the odd vase of orchids, this home is elevated into a private hotel getaway. 

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Interior Designer: Designe Couture
Location: Scotts Square 1
Cost of Renovation: $55,000

4. Bohemian Rhapsody

Free spirited, boho-girl at heart? Take notes on recreating this personal chill-out space. Feminine, whimsical touches prevail, such as the porcelain-tiled feature wall, stylish throws and Turkish oil lamps. Timber accents provide a comfy, relaxed vibe perfect for those lazy weekends and meditation sessions. 

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Interior Designer: Aiden-T
Location: West Coast Parkway
Cost of Renovation: $65,000

5. Refresh and Recharge

Clean space, clean mind. A bright, airy home with pops of colour definitely washes away any frazzles a modern working woman may have. Practical, uncluttered wooden furniture against white walls also showcase the ever-popular Scandinavian aesthetic. 


Interior Designer: Make Room
Location: Sims Avenue
Cost of Renovation: $37,500

6. Eclectic Vintage

A mishmash of Peranakan tiles, rattan furniture and vintage knick knacks radiate a lush, feminine vibe perfect for Singapore’s tropical weather. This Pinterest-worthy home doesn’t shy away from the glitz and glamour as well, with cute sparkly cushions and Hollywood-style lightbulb decorations. 


Interior Designer: Imagine by SK66
Location: Stirling Road
Cost of Renovation: $120,000

7. Colour Me Happy

Monochrome isn’t everybody’s thing. If you’re more of a colour-coordinated female, match your passion with a vibrant, multi-hued home that’s bound to put a smile on anyone’s face! Here, pastel shades of mint and baby blue complement well with hot pinks, canary yellows and tangerine reds. 



Interior Designer: Make Room
Location: Tiong Bahru
Cost of Renovation: $30,000

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