7 Things EVERYONE Does On Social Media Secretly


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:50 pm

…and yet are too afraid to admit.

#1 You scrutinize a photo intensely before putting it as your profile photo
Would it look better if I edited it? Gave it some sort of filter? Ew, look at those eye bags – so not attractive. Maybe if I cropped the sides away? Maybe if I cropped the friend next to me away? Putting a profile photo up isn’t just some random act, it requires careful thought and consideration. When you’re indecisive, you even go to your friends for help.

#2 You stalk…the people you’re interested in
Because what better way to find out what they’re up to by some good ol’-fashioned stalking, right? And by stalking, I don’t mean hiding behind trees and following them home – I mean looking them up on all forms of social media they’re on, checking out their statuses and finding out who’s been posting on their wall. More subtle that way. Even better, you find out WHO on earth has been liking all their photos. It’s all very gossipy.

#3 You whoop in glee when you see an entertaining spat on Facebook
In a way, we’re all kind of mean people when it comes to people who choose to argue publicly on social media platforms such as Facebook. But then again, it WAS their choice to argue on Facebook, of all places…right? We sit down, follow the argument, laugh at keyboard warriors, and deck out the virtual popcorn. Free entertainment for a few hours!

#4 You check to see whether a friend who hasn’t responded to your Whatsapp/text has been active on social media or not
Easiest way to find out whether someone is choosing to ignore you on purpose. Of course.

#5 You delete your old statuses/photos
You decide that you looked terrible as a gawky, high-school teen – certainly NO ONE needs to see stuff like that when they’re on your page! And so you delete them – years of memories; years of ranting out in childish caps.


#6 You get offended when someone unfriends/unfollows you
You thought they were the chosen ones, but apparently not. It seems like the bond you two shared wasn’t as deep and profound as you thought after all. You WOULD re-add them, but that would be awkward. Besides, who cares about them anyway? You don’t need them!

#7 You waste far too much time on them
Just five more minutes, you say? You could be on social media for five minutes and still be on it two hours later. It CAN get addictive if you don’t know how to put a stop to it.

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