7 types of WhatsApp group friends whom you would like to kick out


Last Updated on 2016-05-30 , 9:36 am

WhatsApp group is the new mIRC channel without the /msg q opme. And because of that, there is no “operator” or any weird joker coming in and out of the group. But there will be some jokers within the group whom you feel so much to kick out. Do you have these friends in your group? Or maybe you realize one of them is you?

The never-read-the-important-message-and-ask-again-and-again one
Okay, so you guys have decided to have a gathering next Saturday night. The date is fixed—you guys are deciding on the place to eat. Some suggested restaurant A, some suggested restaurant B. Some asked whether they can bring their girlfriend / wife along.
Then, one joker asks: “When are we meeting?”
Six of you replied the time and day.
The next day, the joker asks again: “Eh, when are we meeting arh?”
Six of you typed the same message: “F you!”

The one who likes bubbles
WhatsApp group chat is crowded. When you check your phone, thirty new messages have come in. Sometimes, sixty new messages have arrived, but thirty came from a joker who needs three bubbles to construct a sentence.
Don’t understand my description? Then you haven’t had got enough friends, Bro, or you’ve always set “mute” to all your groups.

The one who suddenly sends a funny image
It’s funny to send a cat jumping off a table once in a while. But when every day, he does that, you wonder whether he have a life outside of that WhatsApp group.

The one who needs you to WhatsApp him personally
Ten people are a WhatsApp soccer group chat. Nine have said they can go for a soccer session that evening, but they need the confirmation of that one fellow.
And that joker is so important that someone has to message him personally, though everyone knows he has seen the messages asking for him to respond in the group.

The one who thinks the group exists because of him
Everyone decides on a time and place to meet. Then this joker comes in and says, “I’ve got something on. Change the date leh.”
The world exists because of him, you know.


The salesperson
He’s always sending images about some pills that can take ten years off your age. The problem is, some people might be eighteen years old in the group. Does any eighteen-year-old want to look like an eight-year-old? I don’t know.

The invite-the-world person
I don’t know whether he wants to show the world how popular he is, or his phone is infected with a malware. He’ll invite people in, and people will leave the group knowing that it’s none of their business.
Oh, now I think I know what the malware is. It’s called “I-have-low-self-esteem-and-want-you-to-know-that-I-have-many-friends.exe”

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