8 best ways to forget a broken relationship


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:43 pm

Everyone has their failures in relationships and break-ups are the most painful process to go through because you felt that you have nothing wrong and you have already put in a lot of efforts to salvage the relationship.  It is perfectly normal to feel angry, hurt, grief and disappointments. Such emotions must be handled with care as it can have an adverse impact on your work performance, your focus and concentration and the worst, your health. Here are some tips for you to get over the pain of break-ups:

1. Stop listening to all those sad love songs that makes you feel further depressed. The lyrics will only remind you of the painful memories. Remember don’t ever blame yourself for the break-up because it takes two hands to clap.

2. Don’t bottle up all your feelings. Cry it out loud and talk to your BFF or your parents. I am sure they will lend you a listening ear and comfort you. Don’t try to fight or suppress your feelings because it only makes you feel worse.

3. Go for a short trip alone or with your friends. Go to Batam, Bintan, Bangkok, or anywhere which you always wanted to go. Enjoy the massage, the food, the beer (But don’t drink too much ok, bad for liver) Pamper yourself with a shopping spree, things which you always wanted to buy (well, please also know your limits and don’t “burst” the credit card which will bring you more problems =))

4. Keep all the pictures away and delete the pictures taken together on your mobile phone, Facebook or Instagram. If the clothes are still in the house, place them in a box and store it in the storeroom. If your ex calls you, ask your parents or siblings to answer the phone instead. Don’t meet him/her when they come to collect their stuff

5. Pursue a new activity or new hobby =) It gives you a chance to try something new and enjoy life, rather than thinking of all the sad memories. Try activities which you have not tried before!


6. Tell yourself “I definitely can find someone better”. There are so many singles out there and I am sure you will be able to find someone who really loves and pampers you. It is just a matter of time. Don’t try to rush into a new relationship, take things slowly and don’t commit yourself until you know that you are really over your ex.

7. Don’t make any major decisions at this point of time as you are still emotionally unstable. When a person doesn’t have a clear mind, they always make the wrong decisions and regret later about it. Hold on to it and only make the decision when you clear about what you wanted.

8. Avoid posting your sadness of social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Don’t let your partner knows how sad you are because he or she will not care anymore and probably will laugh at you instead. If you really want to express your frustrations, write on a dairy instead and keep it under your bed.

Always remind yourself that it is his/her loss for not appreciating you. And you will definitely find someone who is worth your time and your love =)


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