8 Common Misconceptions about Period that You Probably Didn’t Know Of


Last Updated on 2022-11-27 , 4:08 pm

If you’re a woman, you’ll have heard of this before: you shouldn’t consume cold food when you’re having your period.

If you’re a man, you’ll have heard of this from your wife or girlfriend: she can’t go swimming because she’s having her period, so your tickets to Sentosa Adventure Cove (Singapore) or Lost World of Tambun (Ipoh) are now wasted.

Why are old wives’ tales still being taken as facts when we’ve got the Internet?

Let’s look at the top eight misconceptions about period so that husbands no longer need to swim alone for a week just because their wives are, erm, in the words of the blurriest husband in the world, “laying eggs” (yeah, WTF, right?).

Myth: You shouldn’t consume cold food or drinks
Fact: There’s no reason based on that except that cold things contract your stomach, and therefore increasing the pain…for mere seconds. This contraction occurs even when you’re not having your period. And even for guys. So, what gives?

Myth: You shouldn’t eat spicy food
Fact: Even if you’re not having your period, you might upset your stomach for consuming food that is way too spicy. So just down that curry!


Myth: Your period comes every 28 days
Fact: Just because your app says you should be having your period and you’re not, don’t go apeshit and tell your boyfriend or husband that you’re pregnant. Cycles vary between 20 to 35 days. And if you’re wondering whether they include weekends and public holidays, you need to consult a psychiatrist, not a gynaecologist.

Myth: You can’t exercise
Fact: Oh, come on. It’s another excuse for you not to exercise, right? On the contrary, exercising alleviates the cramps due to more oxygen being pumped into the muscles. It also controls your mood as it makes you happier.

Myth: You can’t wash your hair
Fact: Say…what? If you can provide a reason for this, do so now. If not, you’ll better shampoo your hair if you’ve not done so for the last few days.

Myth: You can’t swim
Fact: Okay, this is reasonably sound due to the physical evidence laid out by old wives: what if the entire pool turns red the moment you dive in? Well, if you do a Google search, you’ll realize it’s possible to do so. Just use a tampon instead. Problem solved.

Myth: Tampons will break virginity
Fact: Your virginity can be “broken” by cycling (yes, cycling with bicycle) or any other sporting activities instead. The fact is simple: there’s another myth about the hymen of women, and you need to know that before knowing this.

So just use tampon if you really want to wear that sexy skirt. For guys who don’t know what a tampon is, our advice is this: you don’t need to know. You just need to know the next point.

Myth: You can’t get pregnant during your period
Fact: Yes, you can. Period (pun intended).Simple fact, isn’t it?

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