8 Definite People You Should Not Invite To Your Wedding

Your big day is approaching, and you are faced with the considerable task of finalising your guest list. While some guests automatically make the list for being family and close friends, others are a little tricky.

Take it from us: Unwanted guests may potentially ruin your special day. Your wedding should all be about you, so here are 8 people you might want to avoid inviting.

Your ex

This one goes without saying. While you might have remained “friends” with your exes, it might be a better idea to prevent potential awkward feelings. You’re also starting a new chapter in your life, so cut the old out.

Your to-be spouse’s ex

This needs no explanation. Why would you even invite your almost spouse’s ex?

Your estranged relative

This person is one whom you have spoken a maximum of 5 sentences to, and have absolutely no idea whether you ever returned that Lego you borrowed 20 years ago. If you have no clue what this person does, or even who he or she is, leave them out.

Your best friend’s fling

Your best friend might be your main boo, but it is not an obligation to invite her plus one unless they are going serious. Imagine looking at photos ten years down the road and wondering who that dude standing beside her is. Not very cool.

Your celebrity friend

Unless your celebrity friend is hosting or singing, it might not be a good idea to invite her. All eyes would be on her – and not you! – and everyone would want to take selfies with her instead. It’s your big day, and you should be at the center of attention.  

Your parents’ friends

You will have countless requests for invitations from your parents, but if you don’t want to invite them, you’re not obligated to. Your wedding is about you, and if you aren’t keen on having people you don’t want to invite, then sometimes you might have to play the bad guy.

Your boss’ boss

Your boss might make the list for being your close friend, but the CEO and anyone else you might have to suck up to? No. If his or her very presence makes you nervous, this is one person that should be off the list. You should feel at ease and confident during your very own wedding.

Anyone you haven’t spoken to in a decade

You might have been so close to your high school friends all those years ago, but this doesn’t mean that there’s any obligation to invite them if you haven’t stayed in touch. Reserve your special day for those who truly matter to you and have always been by your side these past few years.

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