8 Differences between a NSF and an NSman

I’m pretty sure you know what’s an NSF and NSman, don’t you? If you have already ORD-ed from your full time National Service liability, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. For those who are serving your 2-years FTNS, well, here’s something for you to look forward to.

Here’s 8 differences between someone who’s a NSF and someone who’s an NSman.

Going back to camp
A NSF will dread going back to camp because it means another 5 days of rigorous training and discipline while NSmen looks forward to going back to camp for ICT because he wants to catch up with his buddies and relax, lepak one corner while still getting paid.

Area cleaning
NSFs has to do area cleaning and have their areas inspected for cleanliness; when you’re an NSman, the only time you’d do area cleaning is when you’re about to out pro, and even then, as long as it seems clean on the surface, pass already!

Meal times
A NSF will have to eat at the cookhouse everyday but for NSmen, this is purely optional. In fact, there’s some NSmen who only eats at the cookhouse for the last meal of the ICT, either because they’ve used up their money or simply to feel nostalgic.

A NSF will swear up and down that outfield is one of the worst thing in the SAF, and we can’t blame them, not when you have to chiong sua for 5 days and keep alert for enemies; for NSmen, it’s easier: I tell you ah, later enemy coming at 1400 hours, standby at 1359 okay?

Book in timing
A NSF have to comply to the book-in time set by their unit, and to be late without informing means you’d get charged for AWOL but for NSmen, book-in (which is also known as in-pro) timing is usually 1 or 2 hours later. It’s like wedding dinner for NSmen, if you’re there first, it means you’d have to wait longer.

No. 4
NSF’s uniforms usually fit comfortably, but for NSmen, we usually leave a button or two unbuttoned on our trousers because, well, it’s too bloody tight!

Smoking point
NSF has designated smoking points, but for NSmen, except for CO office, everywhere else’s a smoking point.

Field pack items
NSF field pack items comply to the packing list almost to a tee, but take a look inside an NSman’s field pack and you’re more likely to find a 1.5litre bottle of coke than an E.T. blade.

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