8 facts about our 阿哥Li Nanxing that you really must know

Maybe you weren’t even born when our永远的阿哥Li Nanxing first appeared on TV. Maybe you only remember him as Yan Fei, the protagonist in双天至尊.

Or maybe you grow up in the YouTube era, so you’ve got no idea why people are still going gaga over him.

But if you grow up in the 90s, you’ll know why he’s our 永远的阿哥, but do you know these facts about him?

His birth English name is Jonathan
To be specific, his full name is Jonathan Lee Nam Chey. If English names had been popular then, we could be calling our 阿哥 Jonathan Lee! But we all still prefer the Li Nanxing, don’t we?

He debuted in 1986
Unlike current actors who rise to fame through competitions or YouTube, Li Nanxing went through the most traditional way to be an actor: going through an acting course in the then SBC and then appearing on screen. Nowadays, the way to stardom is to just face the camera without any professional training and upload the video to YouTube.

He was once $2 million in debt
Using his savings of $900,000, he invested in a business and got burnt pretty hard, leaving him with a $2 million debts. According to him, he had apparently signed blank cheques meant for the business and then went to China for filming, only to realize he owned $500,000 to suppliers and developers when he came back. Tough luck, indeed.

He was once a gambler, and a heavy drinker and smoker
After he lost all his savings and went into debt, he was so depressed that he resorted to gambling, drinking and smoking three packs of cigarettes per day. It made his debt even worse—guess even the formidable Yan Fei would eventually lose in gambling!

He has his own business, a talent management agency
Known as LNX Global, Constance Song is the first artist to sign with the company…sort of (read #8).

He’s now 51 years old
Just take a look at the featured image. Tell me: which part of him looks 51? If you ask a foreigner to guess his age, I’m certain the range will be between 25 to 35. Like, seriously.  阿哥, what you eat one?

Religion changed him
Remember how he used to be a gambler, a heavy drinker and a smoker? Well, he found faith and is a “changed” man now. So remember this, boys and girls: gambling is bad. Faith is good.

His business, LNX Global, used to have only one artist
And it’s him, Li Nanxing. Cool, isn’t it?

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