8 habits of successful people you probably didn’t know

Most likely, you’ll see your boss looking busy but when you ask him whether you can talk to him, he’ll put his things aside and say, “Sure, go ahead.” Let’s fact it: most superiors, usually successful people, reach their positions due to the habits that they’ve got, and not because of luck or a single act (of course there are some who aren’t that good). So, what types of habits do they have that made them more successful than others? Here are some: can you relate to any one of them?

He wakes up very early
It seems like most successful people have the habit of waking up before the sun is up. Even if they’re not working, they’ll be exercising or spending quality time with their loved ones, or simply reading something. The reason is simple: sleeping in is a bad habit that usually eats into productive time, and sleeping in is inconsistent with time management.

He schedules his day based on minutes
When the meeting is going to be at 10:05 a.m., you’ll see him stepping in exactly at 10:04 a.m. Successful people are very “stingy” with their time: if he has got 10 minutes free between two appointments, and it’s work hours, he’ll spend that 10 minutes productively instead of waiting for the next appointment daydreaming.

He sleeps at least 7 hours a day
Surprised? Don’t be. You see, even if you give a man 50 hours a day, he won’t be able to do much if he doesn’t exhibit any of the habits here. In other words, it’s all about time management and not time wasting. The magic number of 7 is the minimum, and a good sleep can raise productivity, which leads to even more work done in a relatively shorter period of time.

He sets goals—from daily goals to weekly goals to monthly goals to yearly goals
If you hear your boss saying,, “I don’t know what the goals are—let’s just see how it goes,” you’ll better prepare your resignation letter soon. Successful people set goals and aim to achieve them, by hook or by crook. The even more successful ones write them down every morning—because a study has shown that a person who put their goals into writing are much more possible to achieve their goals.

He doesn’t care about a person’s weakness and just focus on a person’s strength
It’s easy, and sometimes, fun, to look at someone’s weakness, because that somehow makes you feel good as you’ll think that you’re better. A successful person doesn’t—he looks at his people’s strengths and let the strengths shine. No one is perfect, so to find someone who has no weakness is impossible—but to find someone’s strength is easy.

He’s never satisfied.
If he earns $5,000 a month, he’ll set a target of earning $10,000 a month after six months. After that, he’ll go for $15,000 per month. It’s not greed—it’s that sense of hunger that makes him better than others.

He does the best in everything, if not he won’t do it
To him, if he sets into doing something, he either do his best and get the best results, or he won’t do it at all. “Trying” is never an option: it’s either “do it and make it a success” or “don’t do it”.

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