8 hilarious differences between 7th month and Halloween


In Singapore, there are two events that have got to do with the spiritual world: the 7th month or the hungry ghost festival and Halloween. Let us highlight 8 differences between the 7th month and Halloween and show that although both are related to the paranormal world, they are incredibly different as well.

During Halloween, we pay to scare ourselves (remember USS Halloween night?) yet during the 7th month, we pay not to scare ourselves (Offerings to appease the spirits and hope they don’t haunt us!)

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During the 7th month, we are encouraged not to stay out at night but during Halloween, kids dressed up as spirits to go trick o treat at night.

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During the 7th month, we go out of the way to avoid offending mocking the spirits but during Halloween, we might just be mocking the ghosts when we dress up as them.

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Halloween is so fun (Parties everywhere) while the 7th month, not so much.

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Halloween only lasts a day but the 7th month in Singapore lasts a whole month.

In Singapore, the younger generation celebrates Halloween while the older generation celebrates hungry ghost festival.

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In Singapore, Halloween is a chance for people to let go and have fun while the 7th month is the time for people to strike it rich and change their luck.

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