8 Home Designs so Easily Cleaned They’re Perfect for Lazy People

Are you an organised person or someone who is seeking for less clutter and less stress in their life? We have the solution for you. Check out our selection of 8 classic homes that are easy to maintain, guaranteed to reduce your stress and cleaning efforts in your everyday life.

1. This cheery home has unique ceiling to floor windows that let in an abundance of sunlight into the home. This, when combined with the light neutral shades of brown and cream, gives the home a general airy, clean and bright atmosphere and outlook.

Interior Designer: OMUS Living
Location: Sunshine Garden
Cost of renovation for entire house: $27,000

2. We normally associate a fuss-free home with light neutral colours. This home proves otherwise—that darker colours like black, and a dark grey can still keep a home looking refreshing and chic whilst still being easy to maintain.

Interior Designer: Unity Interior Design
Location: Anchorvale
Cost of renovation for entire house: $40,000

3. Colours are in harmony here in this home. Be calmed in this zen-like home where a warm sandy brown colour is paired with a pure white to keep the home looking cosy and inviting, distinct from the coolness and detachment that can be created by a pure white scheme.

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Interior Designer: The Minimalist Society
Location: Dover Crescent

4. Display shelves in a pleasing geometric shape combined with many storage spaces in this home ensure that your prized possessions will always be organised neatly instead of cluttering up space. White, black and grey are the primary colours here and they keep this home looking sleek.

Interior Designer: Space Atelier
Location: Senja Parc View
Cost of renovation for entire house: $50,000

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5. Minimalist homes that are easy to maintain need not always be plain-coloured or dull. This home exemplifies this, with splashes of colours unusual to minimalist homes like orange-brown, green and red, on furnishings and sheets.


Interior Designer: Posh Living Design
Location: Punggol Field
Cost of renovation for entire house: $33,000

6. An originally run-of-the-mill colour scheme of light browns and creams is emboldened by strokes of black on furniture pieces, the window blinds and room doorways—giving this home a sharpness and creative life. Easy to maintain and still bold, it’s perfect for the modern busy couple or family.


Interior Designer: Flipside Design
Location: Costa Ris
Cost of renovation for entire house: $50,000

7. This pure white home is made complete with soft light glowing from inbuilt ceiling lights fixed in a regular pattern, and sharp lines from the cupboards and cabinets. Together, they give this home a modern crisp look.


Interior Designer: Renocube
Location: Pasir Ris Street 51
Cost of renovation for entire house: $35,000

8. This otherwise ordinary simple home manages to keep things interesting whilst still ensuring its easy-to-upkeep feature. A cool artistic vibe is created in this home, with a splash of turquoise, a white jigsaw-like faux brick wall that acts as a feature wall, and a chalkboard installed.

Interior Designer: Starry Homestead
Location: Fernvale Link
Cost of renovation for entire house: $28,000


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