8 insane reasons why Hai Di Lao is so popular that you never knew

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Hai Di Lao is famed for their legendary customer service and addictive Tomato based soup that drives their loyal customers back again and again. The Sichuan hotpot restaurant was established in 1994, and it has since grown steadily worldwide with 137 stores, valuing both innovation and personalised services at the same time.

Here in Singapore, waiting for a table can already take up to a span of 2 or 3 hours, and many people are still relentlessly queuing up for a taste for the steamboat no matter how hungry or exhausted they are, because YES, IT REALLY IS THAT GOOD.

If you still have not tried Hai Di Lao, well, here are some facts you should know about them before you do!

And please ah, make reservations before heading there. Don’t say we never wong you about the queue.

Image: cindykhor.blogspot.com

Tidbits while waiting

Hungry while waiting? No problem! At Hai Di Lao, you will be provided with tons of entertainment services such as free wifi and also free snacks while waiting –  free-flow herbal tea, fruits, tidbits, popcorn and even ice cream! Better not stuff yourselves too much lest you become too full for your meal!

Image: foodiepink.wordpress.com

Mani-pedi session

Ladies, you might not want to do your nails before heading there because they do provide free mani-pedi services for their customers. Last we checked, they even provide gellish services with a range of colors for you gals to choose from!

Image: lifestinymiracles.com

Kids playing area

And yes, nanny services too! If you are afraid that your children will get bored during the wait or during the meal, you can just simply pop them into the complimentary kids playing area where the Hai Di Lao nannies will keep them entertained! The restaurant makes sure that there is always a staff stationed there, so you will not have to worry about the safety of your children!

Image: umakemehungry.com

Insane sauce, fruits, pickles & dessert counter

With just a top-up of S$4, you will be entitled to an unlimited array of fruits, desserts and over 20 difference sauces and condiments for you to choose from at their sauce bar. We highly urge you to top up since it’s really value-for-money! Plus, the beancurd skins located at the sauce bar pairs really well with the Sichuan Mala Hotpot soup base too!


Image: draftsfromcoffeetable.blogspot.com

iPad menu ordering

You can just effortlessly slide your way to a hot-pot heaven! The iPad menu ordering is an extremely fuss-free and efficient way of ordering at Hai Di Lao!

Image: eatbook.sg

Choose up to 4 hotpot bases!

Yes that’s right! Unlike other hotpot restaurants, the hotpots at Hai Di Lao allows you to segment up to 4 hotpot soup bases – perfect for the fickle minded or those who just wants a whole lot of different soups to dip your ingredients in! Our all-time favourite is still the tomato soup base!


Image: estarla.com

Legendary noodle dancer

For those who are a fan of handmade noodles – even if you aren’t, we highly recommend you to order just to witness the antics of the kungfu noodle performer – lengthening the noodles with loops and circles and sometimes in your faces! Their noodles were a perfect balance of springy and chewy which scored a thumbs up from us!

Image: euniceannabel.blogspot.com

Extra services while eating


A zip log bags for your phones? An eating apron, or even a hair tie for the ladies? Well, consider them covered by the team at Hai Di Lao who will provide you with these trusty accessories to save you from your clumsiness!

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