8 mesmerizing facts about Jeanette Aw that show why she’s the social media queen

Jeanette Aw holds the title of the social media queen of Mediacorp and she’s more than worthy of it. Not only does she have an extensive network of fans based in different Asian countries, she puts in constant effort in updating and managing her social media. She’s also won a handful of awards when it comes to social media and online voting. Here’re some facts about her popularity on social media.

Jeanette is the very first Mediacorp artiste to gain 1 million likes on Facebook

Talk about being the queen. While there may be a number of popular and hot local artistes on social media, getting to the 1 million mark is never an easy thing.

She really has all sorts of social media

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the norms. She even has Snapchat and Weibo accounts. What’s more, she’s got a blog she personally updates. Whew, even normal person will find it hard to keep up with so many things and she’s even a busy star with many schedules on hands.

Yes, Jeanette personally does her updates on her blogs

Where do you find an actress with such commitment to do such things. Even after tiring work and all, she still manages to find time to type out her thoughts and connect with her media.

All her social media are not neglected

I’m not exaggerating. Just do a google search and all her social media pop out as the first page of searches. Click in and you’ll find out all social media are up-to-date and still constantly being updated with her work or daily activities. Photos and videos.

She’s won the Singapore Blog Awards 7 times

In 2015, she’s got the 7th award. Say what? Now, you know not everyone can be called a social media queen.

She’s won the Star Awards ‘Social Media Award’ for 2 consecutive years as well

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And I would say it’s well-deserved.

She basically swept all the voting-based awards in Star Awards 2014 and 2015

She got awards such as Favourite Onscreen Couple and Favourite Female Character for the first part of the large-scale local awards. The first part of the awards are usually based on voting.

Her 2015 speech has touched all her fans

When she received her awards in 2015, she expressed that she would like to back out from all awards by voting. This was all due to some fans leaving comments saying that they would hurt and even kill themselves if she couldn’t win enough awards. Jeanette made it clear that the awards should be more as an appreciation towards her loyal fans rather than for the sake of simply winning the awards. She said she was not angry with her fans but just worried.

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