8 perfect ways to hint someone to stop singing during a KTV session


Last Updated on 2016-05-18 , 4:30 pm

We all love a KTV session, but sometimes, things can get a little bit awkward. We might get a friend who hogs the mic, or we might have that one friend who is totally tone deaf yet sings with the confidence of Hayley Williams. If you encounter this kind of situation in your next KTV session, feel free to use any of the fool-proof methods described below to fix the situation.

Choose songs that they don’t sing
This is the most subtle way we can think of. If they don’t like singing that song, they’ll give up the mic, sit back and laugh at the person singing. Pretty ironic if he’s tone death himself. Just choose songs he dislikes and pretend that you really love the song. Maybe more than you love your girlfriend.

Choose the songs they cannot sing
You know that his vocal range is too low for this song? Or you know that he cannot sing in Chinese? Choose that song to get him off the mike. 100% success rate. #Tested&Proven.

Pass the mike to someone else
Say that you want to hear *Insert name* sing *Insert song*. They’ll pass the mike to that person. Unless they refuse, then proceed to #5.

Switch on the singer
When you got that one tone deaf friend who sings just so damn awfully, turn up the voice of the original soundtrack to drown out his nonsense. He might get the hint and stop. But be warned, he might not get it too and sing louder. Ouch.

Offer some food
You cannot singing while eating right? Right?


Talk to them
Well, we’re pretty sure you cannot sing while talking. Thankyouverymuch.

Don’t clap for them
If they’re observant, they’ll understand. A little difficult, because you have to get everyone to stop clapping but hey, if you can’t stand him, chances are the others won’t be able to too.

Just insult him
Insults are like hugs for the guys. The more you do it, the closer you get. However, by jokingly insulting him about his singing, you might actually get him to stop singing. That’s if he doesn’t think you’re joking.

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