8 problems that only a person who is naturally skinny will understand


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:56 pm

I know many people are going to hate me after I proclaim this: it’s actually not that fun for not being able to gain weight. Why, why, why? Here’re ten reasons why:

1. You’ll have smaller breasts
I hope it’s just not me. When I lie down, I feel practically like a man. There’s almost nothing there, and buying push-up bras aren’t going to help because there’s just nothing to push.

2. You’ll have difficulty buying certain clothes
Breast size aside, you’ll have the tendency to look at kids’ dresses instead. Most women’s clothes have a bit of a curve, but the only curve I see on me is…my fingers? That’s the curviest part. I really hope it’s not just me.

3. You can’t eat what you want after all
Because even if you want KFC, your friends would prefer salad, and you’ll have salad. In this instance, you think you’ve options, but in reality, social settings say no. Granted that we can eat more when we’re alone, but what’s the fun in having a meal alone?

4. People hate you because you can eat all you want
Self-explanatory, isn’t it? I wanted to lie that I exercise regularly, but I don’t even have a reasonable pair of sports shoes. I can only explain the science of metabolism rateto them, and that usually makes them even more frustrated.

5. The fats still pile up…in places you don’t want
On the face. On your tummy. Of all places except the chest and the butt. You look thin but you’re essentially, you’re skinny-fat. Speaking of which, never, ever say “I’m fat” to anyone. You won’t like the consequences.


6. You’re mistaken for a twelve-year-old although you’re twenty-year-old
For some reason, anyone small-sized is deemed to be younger.  Hello, why do you judge me based on my weight?

7. You can’t gain weight no matter what you do
Eat more: check. Sleep more: check. Doctor’s advice to drink more milk: check. But no matter what you do, you can’t gain one kilogramme, and the world thinks that you’re sick and unhealthy.

8. Old wives’ tales of being unable to conceive because you’re thin
Say what? Last I know, science has determined that procreation is based on our reproduction organs, and not…the size of our hips. Has anything changed?

Your parents are wrong: MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) is good for you (sort of). Here’s the truth:

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