8 reasons why Ngee Ann Poly’s Makan Place is the best campus foodcourt in S’pore


Last Updated on 2016-06-13 , 12:10 pm

Ngee Ann Poly, or more commonly known as NP is one of the few leading Polytechnics in Singapore. With the school being a popular choice for Business and Engineering courses, NP is also known for chio girls you can see on campus grounds. Ngee Ann Poly also has a wide variety of food options, and Makan Place is one of the food courts in NP that is so good even students from SIM hop over for lunch.

Here’re our 8 reasons why Makan Place is the best campus food court in Singapore!

Awesome food
Makan Place sells decent food, with several awesome food stores such as the Yong Tau Foo, Japanese food and handmade noodles which as won the hearts of many.

Cheap food
The food there is not only good but cheap. The average price is around $3-$4, which is cheaper as compared to other food courts and campus that’re selling food at $$4-$6. The difference might not be that big but a little saving a day can get you somewhere in the long term.

Lots of food choices
You get to eat a different dish every single day. There are countless food choices for you to pick from and you’ll never get bored asking the same damn question of what to eat every day.

Lots of seats
There are generally a lot of seats, and you will manage to get a seat even if it is lunch time if you don’t mind sharing tables.


Fully air-conditioned
Makan Place is fully air-conditioned so you can now have your meal in comfort. Of course, the walk there isn’t that air-conditioned. So you’ll get to cool off after a long walk to the place.

Clean environment
Makan Place is surprisingly clean, and we all want to have our meal at such a place instead of an old dirty food court with no food choices.

There’s a subway in the food court. How convenient that is if you walked in the food court and decided to get a sandwich if the rest of the food choices aren’t appealing.

Get to see NP girls
You also get to see NP girls – two birds one stone!

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