8 Reasons why an Ah Lian Girlfriend is the best girlfriend

So you have a girlfriend who can be classified as an Ah Lian; she swears, fights and gets into trouble all the time. Here are 8 possible reasons why you’re still with her, instead of going for the next best girl that comes along.

She doesn’t have to be protected
She is what Hokkien people call a ‘chia za bor’, that means very fierce like a shrew. Guys like to protect their women once in a while, but it can get tiring if you have to do that all the time. For her, she won’t need you to stand up for her. In fact sometimes, you might need to stop her from standing up for herself all the time.

She can protect you
With gender equality all the rad nowadays, guys can finally come out and say that sometimes, they just want to be taken care of. You don’t have to stand up all the time. Sometimes you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

She doesn’t care about your past
She understands more than anyone that everybody has their own history and she will definitely not judge you based on your past, instead, she’ll look at what you are right now and make her judgement from what she sees.

She understands that things can be said in the heat of the moment
We all have this moment in our relationship; in the heat of anger, words come out which can never be taken back, and many relationships have been spoilt by such instances, no matter whether you mean it or not. She more than anyone understands what it means to say words you don’t mean when tempers run high and she’s more likely to forgive and forget than other girls.

She tolerates your bad habits
She knows what it’s like to have habits that are harmful to your health, and more importantly, she knows how hard it is to kick habits. She will still try to talk you out of your bad habits, but at least she’s more understanding about it instead of telling you outright, “Choose one, me or your cigarettes!”

She’s more forthcoming
One of the biggest problem guys have with their girlfriends is their absolute refusal to be straight about anything, if you ask them if they’re angry, they will say ‘no’ and proceed to show you a frosty side throughout the day.

Well, you don’t have to worry about that with your Ah Lian girlfriend because she’ll be more than happy to tell you what’s wrong and why it’s your fault, mixed with a creative spiel of vulgarities that’ll either leave you impressed or feel so small you’ll want the earth to swallow you up right now.

She’s more adventurous
Being an Ah Lian means to rebel against social norms, to go against the approval of the majority; she is willing to overstep her boundaries and that will translate to your relationship, with her willing and sometimes even look forward to trying out new things with you.

She’s more matured
Okay, some of you might disagree, but hear me out. This time, I’m talking about ex-Ah-Lians who have turned over a new leaf. They tend to be more matured and mindful of their actions and the consequences that will follow.

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