8 Reasons why you should make your way to Batam for a vacation you’ll never forget


Last Updated on 2017-05-07 , 1:25 pm

You’re in the holidaying mood even before you’ve left Singapore 

JB might also be cheap because of the Ringgit but is spending 2 hours getting stuck at the customs at JB worth it? Going via the shuttle train isn’t much better, since it only operates at peak hour timings.

Taking the ferry to Batam is easy, convenient and fuss-free, plus you get to wait at an air-conditioned terminal while looking at fantastic views of the clear waters. You are guaranteed to get into the holiday mood even before you arrive! 

Happening nightlife you’ll rarely see in Singapore 

Image: nightstylemedia
Image: nightstylemedia

Batam has many night clubs, cafes and bars in the city area. If you are looking for a drink or a night of hard-core partying to spend the last night of the New Year, the variety of choices doesn’t lose out to Singapore’s own nightlife scene. Plus, since Batam is a popular tourist destination, you get to party with diverse groups of people, not just Singaporeans. So, you might be able to make friends over a drink or two!

Simply because you get to tick off another overseas destination

Image: indonesia.travel
Image: indonesia.travel

Would you rather spend 1 hour travelling to Pulau Ubin/Lazarus Island (still Singapore) or going to Batam, which is part of Indonesia? For many travel-addicted Singaporeans, the answer is obvious.

It’s pretty safe as well

Of course, you don’t want to spoil your New Year vacation dealing with a crisis. Batam is generally a politically-safe area as long as you take the usual precautions – no gangsters or publicly dangerous activities going on. Also, it is well out of the active earthquake-zone so you don’t have to worry about evacuating the room while you are sleeping or getting high.

The seafood… Ohhhh… The seafood! 

Image: gentlemansgazette
Image: gentlemansgazette

Batam is close to the sea so it is especially famous for its fresh seafood. What’s more, Batam’s seafood is fresher and cheaper than Singapore’s! Dining on and filling your stomach with seafood is the best way to go if you want to enjoy a prosperous and (literally) fulfilling New Year!

Rupiah vs SGD

The rupiah has recently been dropping but the Singapore dollar is rising in value. This means that you definitely get a good deal when exchanging your currencies and also when shopping or eating in Batam. More money = more seafood and clothes = definitely a Happy New Year.

Fireworks and sky lanterns

Image: benjiinteriors
Image: benjiinteriors

Nothing ushers in an exciting New Year like a beautiful display of fireworks. Also, you get to enjoy the view of sky lanterns floating up and away into the dark night sky – something you won’t be able to see in Singapore!

You can do all of the above without going through the hassle of planning

So, if you’re hooked on making your way there but think that you don’t have enough time to plan, here’s one more good news for you. You can welcome 2016 while being free of worries as TravelGuru offers an all-in package where you get to enjoy everything from a Deluxe Seafood Lunch and Dinner to a fireworks and sky lantern display!

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Image: TravelGuru Pte Ltd
Image: TravelGuru Pte Ltd

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