8 Serious Facts About Funnyman Mark Lee You Might Not Know

Everybody in Singapore who watches Channel 8 on Mediacorp or Jack Neo’s movies remembers Mark Lee, better known as Li Guo Huang, as an award-winning comedian and funnyman. But every single individual has many sides to their personality, both good and bad, and Mark Lee is no exception.

He used to help his parents out at a hawker centre
When he was in secondary school, his family was extremely poor and he had to work three jobs to help support them during the holidays – selling chee cheong fun the morning, being a coffee boy in the afternoon, and selling duck rice in the evening.

He co-owns OldTown White Coffee Singapore
Most people would probably have known this by now. But Mark Lee was the one who brought OldTown White Coffee to Singapore. Despite that, he still pays for every one of his meals that he has at the cafe.

He co-owns Monsoon Group
The Monsoon Group runs 9 hair salons in Singapore and 2 in Shanghai with renowned hair stylist, Addy Lee, as the chairman. Many local celebrities, such as Vivian Lai, Michelle Chia, and Guo Liang patronise the salon.

He co-founded Galaxy Entertainment
Yup, Galaxy Entertainment, a production and artist management firm based in Singapore is also co-founded by Mark Lee. He is a producer and director under his own company.

He had two siblings
Past tense because he had an older brother who has since passed on. He also has an elder sister who lives with him, his mother, his wife, and his children in an apartment at Upper Thomson.

He collects watches
Ever since he realised that watches can impress, he began collecting them. In the span of 10 years, he has bought about 20 watches, all of which are brand names like, IWC, Lacoste, and Panerai.

He collects art
He mainly collects artworks from Beijing-born artist, Wu Qiong, and currently owns 4 of his works. Wu’s works cost between $4,000 and $30,000.

He wants to migrate to Australia in the future
Mark Lee mentioned in an interview with The Straits Times that he has been thinking about moving to Gold Coast, Australia, with his wife when his children are all grown up. The reason he picked Gold Coast is simply due to the cheerful atmosphere of the place.

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