8 signs that indicate that you’ll die without your smartphone


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:50 pm

1. You feel nervous without your smartphone
You have four limbs, but your smartphone is the equivalent of your fifth limb. Not having it around you makes you feel weird (or anxious, if you want to be totally honest with yourself). What if someone messages you? What if you want to take a photo and later, only to discover that you *gasp* don’t have your phone with you? What ever would you do!? If you’re having separation anxiety, then you’re probably a little hooked.

2. EVERYTHING in your life has to be documented
Because everything is history and all history has to be documented carefully, yes? This includes the more boring facets of your life, including the sorts of food you eat everyday (day one: mamak, day ten: STILL mamak), the gyms you visit to lift (you probably don’t), and the “haizzz…sien” moments when you’re stuck in a traffic jam.

3. The first thing you do after you open your eyes is to…
Can you guess the answer?

4. You go to the extra lengths to use your smartphones…even in places you shouldn’t be using them at.
You know, there are signs at petrol kiosks that tell us not to use our phones there. I’m not sure why (there’s probably a scientific reason for this – someone enlighten me?), but people do. That’s permissible even though we’re deliberately breaking the law, but there are other appropriate times when you shouldn’t be tapping away on your phone – on a plane, for example, after you’ve immediately landed. Sure, some airports allow you to do that, but would it kill you to wait for an extra few minutes?  It’s like how we’re not supposed to take off our seatbelts on flights after landing until the pilot has turned off the engine, and yet EVERYONE proceeds to take them off 3 seconds after touchdown anyway.

5. You fall asleep while using your smartphone.
You’re so tired of Whatsapping, so you’re just going…to…put it down…and sleep for ten minutes. Yeah.

6. You get excited when a notification comes in.
Because you so have a social life.


7. You multitask with your smartphone.
Your smartphone is always with you through the good and bad, whether it’s you cramming for an exam or just while you’re walking down the street. You text, Whatsapp, Snapchat, and use a dozen of other apps you have on your smartphone while dealing with pretty much everything else that’s happening in life atm.

8. You feel dejected after no one has attempted to contact you via your smartphone for days.
Maybe it’s time to go out and meet some people…for real, you know?

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