8 Signs That You Are Addicted to the Internet


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:50 pm

1. Your laptop/smartphone is constantly near you, even though you don’t need it.
You’re moving from one room to another just for a short while…and yet you don’t feel complete without having some form of machinery that will serve as a gateway to the Internet world. You could be using your smartphone in the bathroom; or just having your laptop propped open and humming in the distant background while you’re cooking in the kitchen or something. Point is: you NEED the Internet to be constantly accessible to you.

2. Slow Internet makes you want to scream.
Gone were the old dial-up days where connecting to the Internet took ages – nowadays, it’s pretty common for our impatience to skyrocket when a page doesn’t load for you in 5 seconds. This is especially true if you’re using Wi-fi connections in public – they’re often not as great as the ones you have back at home, hence leading you on a constant rant about what slow Internet does to your fraying, Gen-Y nerves.

3. You start thinking in text speak.
When you start saying “lol” in a conversation to your friends, then you should probably acknowledge the fact that the Internet is affecting you in a way that you can’t possibly comprehend. Like, instead of laughing like a normal person, you say “lawl”. And people wonder why we need therapy…

4. You find Internet company more stimulating than real company.
Danger dangerdanger, my friends. Don’t forget that real friends need love, too. Communicating via the Internet is great and convenient, but that’s not really a good substitute for ignoring a friend in front of you in favour for Whatsapping 5 different friend groups. On that note, Internet company can be quite…stimulating.

5. You’ve lost so much time just from being lost on the Internet.
Where has the time gone? Hours and days pass by – and yet when you look back, you can’t think of anything else you’ve done other than being on the Internet. Your harmless trips onto Facebook, Youtube, Wikipedia, Reddit, FML, or anything else become black-hole trips: aka once you’ve entered, you can NEVER leave. All that’s left for you is a continuous pattern of clicking.

6. The Internet “calls” you…
And you need it. Seriously, it’s quite the addiction.


7. You utilize various excuses to use the Internet.
And it doesn’t even matter which situation you’re in. From checking harmless things like the weather, you quickly delve into your social media accounts to see what everyone is up to. The compulsive need to stay connected to the WWW is pretty heavy.

8. Your worst fears: having a spoilt laptop or an unusable phone.
No more Internet, kids!

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