8 Signs that you are part of the weak strawberry generation

The term ‘strawberry generation’ was first termed by the Taiwanese for Taiwanese people born after 1981 who ‘bruises easily like strawberry’. This means that the people from the strawberry generation are unable to withstand social pressure and not willing to work hard for what they want.

In Singapore, there has been a huge debate about this strawberry generation as well, and I’m all in favor of not grouping people together by their birth years; instead, I fully advocate the use of characteristics or behavior exhibited by people for classification instead.

After all, it’s not by when you were born, but what you did and what you said that really shows whether you belong to this vaunted ‘strawberry generation’ or not. There are people born after 1981 that exhibits traits that were exemplary even in comparison with the older generations while there are some born before 1981 that exhibits traits shown by the strawberry generation.

So allow me to tell you about the 8 signs that shows that you are part of the ‘weak’ strawberry generation that is prevalent in all parts of the world today.

Sense of self-entitlement
It could be due to your upbringing (overly pampered by parents) or your comfortable nurturing environment, but you grow up to think that the entire world owes you a living. You have never stopped to think, for once in your entire life, whether you are worth the things you are asking for. HR managers have seen a rise in the number of young people who comes to the office asking for higher pay and better benefits without offering anything of value in exchange.

Not willing to take responsibility
If things goes wrong, they are never the ones to be blamed; it’s due to this, or it’s due to that, but never once will you say it’s because of something you did wrong. Instead of looking towards yourself to see if there is any improvements to be made, you’d look to blame what others should have done to make the results better.

You bruise easily
Just like strawberries, you are nurtured in a glasshouse and have never been exposed to the elements of the real world. When you come out into the real world, you’d realise that your threshold for pain and hardship is practically lower compared to others not of the strawberry generation.

You have unrealistic expectations
With no one there to coddle and provide for you, you’d come to realize that what used to work for you when you were young (screaming for attention, crying and getting what you want without working for it) no longer works for you anymore. Strawberry generation workers are seen as insubordinate, sluggish at work, spoiled, selfish and arrogant.

But it’s not all bad, here are some good traits of the strawberry generation as well.

You need a reason to work
Because you don’t experience having to work to make ends meet, you’d find that you need a reason or purpose for your work. It’s no longer just about the money, but also the purpose of your work. You believe in value-added work, not just work for the sake of working.

You grow bored easily
Mundane and routine tasks are now a bane for your working life, you cannot tolerate the boredom nor could you appreciate the simplicity of everyday tasks, instead you would want to be given challenging tasks that tests your thinking skills and aid in your personal and professional development.

You have opinions on anything and everything and you’re not afraid to say it out
Strawberry generation have a penchant for speaking out and known for having opinions and ideas on everything under the sun, but that’s not necessary a bad thing. Just make sure that everything that comes out of your mouth has value, after all ‘discourse encourages fresh innovation and ideas to come abound.’

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You are more savvy in terms of modern trends
Because you have more time on your hand compared to the older generation (who might have just worked and have no time for anything else), you have comparably more time to explore and use things like the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, Instangram, LinkedIN at your own leisure. You are more technology savvy then the older generations, and with the new focus of companies and organisations moving in the direction of social media and the use of new generation technology, your knowledge, expertise and innovativeness can help the company you are working in to gain an edge in the competitive world today.